[ACORN] Recruiting Swedish people to our guild


We're a small guild of 4-6 active members, currently looking to expand.
Our guild doesn't really have a focus more than play together and chill. We would love to have more members to run map rotations and so on... We got a teamspeak server for anyone in the guild to join if you have a microphone.

We all are a rather goofy bunch and would love more members to play with and discuss stuff with in guild chat.

We mostly play sc temp leagues.

Note: Even though our guild is mainly swedish, we could accept other people aswell.

Thank you very much,
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Ign: LiberationX
Im swedish :)
Looking for more members! Currently at: 14 Members!
I'm Swedish and Looking for an Active Guild!

Altho I play mostly Standard League
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iGN : Skydd

Hej! Mitt IGN: Jehrakal

Adda gärna mig. IGN: Xtrips82

Currently at: 16 members

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