Don't shoot the messanger. bug thing.

legacy league can only truly be legacy if brings hideout bugs back :) so this was all inteded ( /s ).

As everyone knows the reddit post was a hot mess and was certainly aimed to cause morale damage but for a good healthy exploit free community it is necessary that some one comes forward and raises public awareness whether we like it or not. The guy informing there probably used vpn himself with alt account to mask the abuse and hides behind 2007something gameplay , theory ofcourse , but awareness is still better then ignorance.

Just a light hearted convo at the end of day its a game we enjoy and shouldn't demoralise you . If some made few buck out of it , their choice so be it we play this game for fun not making money . I was enjoying the league and will be same if this bug existed or not . what good is a fat stack of exalt or mirror if you don't have satisfaction.

Don't let some drama queen drive you away.
chaotic neutral
Last bumped on Mar 20, 2017 5:07:21 PM
Thanks for the positive thought.

It's so easy to get trapped in outrage and disgust when confronted with something unfair even if it's of dubious or no relevance. It's the #1 noob trap of life and leads to nothing but suffering, Gods I wish I could leave it behind for good.

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