Irritating Magma Orb

I've been playing this a lot lately and I've got a few audiovisual nitpicks about it.

1. Too flashy
I've noticed my eyes are getting tired much faster when I use Magma orb when compared to, say, Fireball. Upon closer inspection, turns out there are 5 frames with a quite intrusive white flash, it isn't exactly pleasant even on bright background but it's nothing short of awful in dark areas.

Here's what I mean exactly

2. The sound
Too high pitched and... well, crunchy, sounds like tossing around a ball of frozen mice, which is fairly strange considering it's a fire skill. I've started turning the sound real low and playing some music in background, it's really uncomfortable listening to it for extended periods of time. If you remember me complaining about the fire component of Wild Strike, well, that was about 7 on the aural affective reactivity scale, this is probably 8, quetzalcoatl's radiant gale from OB64 is a 10.
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Holy heck
I've used that gem before but never really seen how flashy it is since lag and computers not having the same kind of screens. I doubt that they'll do anything about it though since not many people really care about things as such. :v
Nothing is everything
No matter, I did my part and reported it so I feel better about the whole thing. It's a small tweak and it would make the skill more comfortable to use, you can always turn the sound off but I can't really play without looking at the screen.
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