200000 DPS Crit Blade Flurry Duelist Build (Path 2.6.0 update)


Skill tree https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAQCAAHcBIcEsQUtBiAGiwaiCiYM9xQgFSAV7BfcGbQaPhutIOMhYCP2LYMvzDB8MbAyTjWSOuE9AD3iPfxAoESeR35I7k2STeNQR1O7Vw1fP1_aYuxlTWzYbydvO3SgdO108Xasd-N4DXiueTl5aHrvexR-4oGbggeE2YTvhVKK8ItPjM-NfY9gj5mSfZhvmmqbap7Nn8ujiqZXpzCpbqmVrK-tjbGztfK2irkdvTa-eL6nwBrAv8EEwYLEWMSCypDL9c9-0iHTftRS2L3ZYdrB3CPcveRR5c_nD-lG6dXqGO8O73ryQfJF9kj2o_cy_gr-jw==?accountName=nyllet45&characterName=Lightning_Fury_

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65W-8e4iG30
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whats should i use on 5-link ?
5 link and lvling tree pls if u can
I'm not OP but I've been leveling this build for about a week, Switched from Norse's EQ build since I ran into a wall without the money to upgrade things. I'm loving it!

For 5 link I dropped Phys to Lightning. For leveling path the order he goes in the video guide is pretty good. I did stop filling up to the east at one point and go get some more life nodes when I felt I was hurting a bit. Basic order is south to get leech and shield mastery. East to get sword mastery, I stopped half way through this to go pick up the more life then came back. then finally fill west as you see fit.

Another tip is pickup Chitus and Daresso's unique swords for leveling.
What is enought crit chance and crit multipl?
This gear is only 200k DpS?
3.5 build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2299519
Thank You!
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