best flcker strike class?

slayer or raider?ty
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Raider's single target frenzy generation is fine for skills that don't consume the charges, but it won't sustain Flicker. And if you were using Terminus Est or something, you wouldn't need it.

Aside from that, Slayer simply has much better perks, everything from insane leech to 50% less phys reflect damage to 20% cull and perma onslaught more or less.

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double post
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I just made a Slayer with Terminus Est for a Flicker Strike Build and it failed.

Reason why it failed is:
-multistrike hits 3 times but generates only 1 frenzy charge

So in order to sustain frenzy charges on bosses with no ads, there is no way you could get 100% critical chance on Terminus Est to maintain frenzy charges.

As i see the only viable Fliker Strike Build is still with Oro's Sacrifice where you can get 3 ignites with mulstistrike while you consume only 1 frenzy charge per multistrike.
Playing a Flicker Strike Raider right now with Kitava's Feast.

It's super strong and fun. I have shaped my maps though...So I'm really just chaining T11,T12 with the occasional T13/T14.

I have never played slayer, but with blood rage and raider passives, flicker seems to works well with raider. I am able to flicker on single targets most of the time. Every once in a while, RNG will make my charges dump...but i have Cyclone on another 6L so it's not a big deal.

I can cyclone for <4 seconds and have another charge to get flicker going again.

I would just say Raider is easier to main, but Slayer gives some AOE bonuses.

You would have to try it for yourself, but to me Raider logically seemed like the "flicker" class.

You could also go assassin with terminus est and stack crit. With crit cap it would probably be better than both raider and slayer.
I'm currently using a guide using Oro's sacrifce as a crit assassin, I'm only level 70 so havent been using the sword long but right now i'm clearing everything extremely fast with bad gear(besides the sword). Here's the guide if youre curious
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ty all for opinions
stephenhj1 wrote:
slayer or raider?ty

With Raider...
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