Cannibal Corpse - Tomb of the Mutilated

The original Cannibal Corpse in poe was established sometime around the very first few days when the clan system was added. But we have now desided to re start it completely by disbanding and remaking.

European based clan that prefers you to be in europe but not required.
We now have our own discord server:

We aim to be a very active and social guild where you can find a permanent home with new friends to play the game togheter.

Ask yourself what you truely want in life?
Do you want to play poe?
Do you want to play poe with the most badass guild name in the history of guilds?
Do you want to have a even more badass guild tag?
Do you like to discuss builds?
Do you like to clear content with others?

Then maybe we might just be what you are looking for.

We are looking for very active players that mainly play on legacy softcore.
A decent understanding of the english language is required
We want you to be atleast 18 years old with a mature attitude towards the game.

The fastest way to contact me about joining is in-game or via steam, forum PMs might take a while for me to reply as I do not check them on a daily bases. - Contact details are at the bottom of the post

IGN: Nodokadark

WTF is Cannibal Corpse?!?!?!?
The OG Cannibal Corpse clan was founded back in 2003 in a game called Rune: Halls of Valhalla and lasted for over 10 years in that game until the game died out. - We held the world record for clan wars won in a row.
After Rune we branched into JK:JA (Jedi Academy) Where we fought in the ESL 2v2 and 4v4 ladders for several years until ESL closed the JK:JA section on ESL.

Hall of Shame - Perma banned players
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woud like to join
ing : migeta
I'll add you IG and talk with you over there :>
We have reached a member count that we are happy with.

Recruitment is closed until further notice
We are opening up to 1-2 more members. Please contact me in-game if you are interested.
If im not online send me a PM.
We are very friendly and active! :>
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