Oro wild strike slayer theory craft 2.6 - Building for a friend

This is my first ever attempt at a build so by no means do I expect it to be close to perfect, hopefully it comes out to be "decent"

so to start here's general information about the build:

Normal: Oak (40 life)
Cruel: Eramir (Skill Point)
Merciless: Kraityn (+1 Frenzy Charge)

Ascendancy points:

Skill tree:


40 points:

71 points:

You'll want to wait until you start dealing considerable damage before investing into life/mana leech or you won't even notice it's there. I'd say to make them the last points to put in from this skill tree depending on your level/dps

90 points(level 69):

Final Skill tree:
!!IMPORTANT!!: Although it is not inside the skill tree I HIGHLY recommend getting the full life/mana leech circle for noticeable effect

If by chance you complete the above skill tree just spec into some of the spare life nodes where you find some, if your lacking damage then by all means use any future nodes in nearby damage. This tree has not yet been tested so I'm not sure how it will preform.

Gem links:
5 link - Wild Strike, Weapon elemental damage, Multistrike, Fire penetration, Faster attacks
(If by chance you have a 6 linked Oro's you can add Fortify and remove it from your leap slam set up or use any other Support gem you deem worthwhile, Burning Damage, Chance to ignite, etc. Experiment and use what you like best!)

4 link - Immortal call, increased duration, Cast when Damage taken, Vaal Haste

(or alternatively you can use Vaal Grace if you have high evasion and prefer it's defensive bonuses)

4 link - Leap slam, Faster attacks, Fortify, Enduring Cry

4 link - Summon Stone Golem, Arctic Armour, Enfeeble, Flammability

(Flammability or Enfeeble can be replaced with warlords mark for more leech, if you decide to do so I'd highly recommend you look into Wyrmsign gloves for Rampage since you'll be consistently generating endurance charges.)

1 link - Phase run
(Completely optional but it can help you move around a bit faster if you have the frenzy charges to spend, which you will. Alternatively if you decided not to go Vaal Pact you could use Blood Rage for even more Frenzy charges and attack speed)

Required uniques:


Oro's Sacrifice:
The original intention is to use it, it concentrates your main damage into fire and provides endless frenzy charges I'd recommend getting a decent roll and make sure you have it 5 linked

Fireborn: This is needed to be placed in the jewel socket diirectly underneath the duelist to convert the phys damage nodes to fire.

Heretic's Veil: A heretic's Veil provide reduced mana reservation of your curses and take away the need to use a blasphemy support gem.

Doedre's Damning: Doedre's Damning is a must for our current set up, you need at least 2 curses and we can't afford to get whispers of doom. If by chance you get a +1 curse corrupt on a good amulet you could replace this with any rare ring

Kaom's Heart: It provides a huge boost in life and damage, buy it if you can. If you cannot afford one then use an evasion chest piece with a high life roll

Rares and other gear:

Focus on evasion based gear if possible, alternatively you can decide to use armour.

For belts you have 3 choices: Doryani's Invitation, HeadHunter or any other rare belt, Headhunter is by no means required. Doryani's is cheapest but you can get better stats on a good rare.

What to look for on belts: High life, resistances and elemental damage with weapons.

With gloves you have a few options: Null and Void or Wyrmsign could be used for Rampage (only use Wyrmsign if you have some way of constantly generating endurance charges aside from Enduring Cry) or simply use rare gloves

What to look for on gloves: High life and resistances

Boots: any rare with high movement speed (preferably 30%), High life and resistances

Amulet/Ring: you'll want about 300+ accuracy rating, any missing int, High life and resistances. If possible an open prefix for crafting flat fire damage.

After gearing your character you should have max elemental resistances and a good life pool.


Anything along these lines will do. Get at least one life flask and make sure you have something for Freeze immunity. I'd highly recommend an atziri's promise and a vessel of vinktar with flat lightning damage if you can afford one.

Aside from Fireborn you'll want to focus on max life, attack speed and any kind of damage that'll apply to you for jewels.
Desired Affixes: (in no particular order)
-increased Attack Speed with Swords
-increased Fire Damage
-increased maximum Life
-increased Attack Speed with Two Handed Melee Weapons
-increased Attack Speed
-increased Melee Damage
-increased Damage

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