[2.6] Leap slam viable?

Hello, I'm fairly new to the game so any feedback is appreciated.
I'm fascinated by the Leap Slam skill mechanics and how it gains both mobility and DPS with attack speed. Also, I like the idea of stomping my way through the hordes Mario-style.

Earlier builds
I found one build for it, but it was too old for the passive skill tree to be displayable so I can't work off of it.
Other builds around here seem to use Leap Slam only for the mobility and sometimes the Fortify Support.

Here are some build ideas for you to critique/improve/laugh at:

- Leap Slam with Faster Attacks + other supports for mobility/map clearing.
- Heavy Strike for single target.
- Herald of Ash + maybe Anger/Haste

Physical, axe version
Straightforward face-chopping.


- lots of attack speed, physical damage and accuracy
- 5.3% regen, leech speed, 43% all res from passives

- fragile, only +33% life from passives. Will life leech keep up?
- few jewel spots (some close ones, reachable without too much sacrifice)
- Mana problems while not hitting things or being hit?

Weapon: Rare Kauri Chopper w. IAS/%damage (Essence of Zeal?)
Amulet: Carnage Heart for leech/stats (Dex requirements)
Body: Bronn's Lithe
Head: Alpha's Howl for Freeze immunity
Otherwise Str/IAS/resistances.

Fire damage, Vaal Pact version

All-out elemental conversion through passive + weapon.


- More +%life than other build, +58% all res.
- Vaal Pact to make better use of Berserker's Cloaked in Savagery.

- Elemental Reflect is an issue.
- Few jewel spots.
- Less attack speed, jumping around would be less satisfying.
- Wasted life regen (disabled by Vaal Pact)

Weapon: Ngamahu's Flame for Physical -> Fire conversion together with Avatar of Fire passive. (Elemental Proliferation support to spread the joy?)
Belt: Doryani's Invitation (fire)
Body: Bronn's Lithe
Head: Alpha's Howl for Freeze immunity
Otherwise IAS/survivability/Fire dmg/Ignition

Thanks for reading!
Last bumped on Apr 14, 2017, 7:56:29 AM
Really want to try this also any news if viable ?
For Ngamahu's Flame to work (Molten Burst) you want as mucho hits per second as possible, I'm afraid Leap Slam doesn't cut it in this respect.
You still here? You can make it work and make it even good I think. But you need to get good coverage. One way is to go crit and Heralds (mainly Ice), another is Herald of Ash, maybe some sort of Elementalist proferation.

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