Perandus Leaguestone Mod - Double Coins NOT working

I learned in math class the that any number multiplied by TWO is always an EVEN number.

The mod "Number of Perandus Coins Dropped in this Area is Doubled" IS NOT WORKING. Attached are some screenshot showing the issue of chests containing odd number of coins.

Just to be clear, I'm basing this on the total number of coins in a chest, not the fact that there are odd numbers of coins in the stacks.

Please fix this.

Then from the next map I ran: 45 coins - not divisible by 2

Here's the stone:

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That Leaguestone mod actually doubles the number of stacks dropped; it doesn't affect the size of the individual stacks. You'll notice you found an even number of stacks in those screenshots.
Code warrior
Thanks for the reply. Then it's just the the wording that is misleading:

"Number of Perandus Coins dropped in next Area will be Doubled"

Maybe should read

"Number of Perandus Coin Stacks dropped in next Area will be Doubled."
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