[2.6] Atmotion's 100% fire 'Xogama' Cyclone - Fun, Easy, Budget, Fast, Endgame Viable (No 5-6L req!)


My name is Atmotion, and this is my first real attempt at a build guide since the beta days of PoE. I hope you ignore some of my typos and weird ramblings and enjoy this little guide. Also if you have any tips or improvements for this build feel free to let me know in the comments below!

Build name explanation:
Uses the 2 core items Xoph's Blood and Ngamahu's Flame + Cyclone = Xogama Cyclone

Copy one of the following sections below to see build details / gear etc. (Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+F -> Ctrl+V -> Enter)

(1)The Idea
(2)The Passives
(3)The Bandits
(4)The Ascendancy
(5)The Skills
(6)The Gear
(7)The Flasks
(8)The Videos
(9)The Conclusion
(10)The F.A.Q
(11)My Current Gear

Build updates (current version: 5.2):

Version 1.0: Build guide released.
Version 1.1: Fixed some gem links and minor errors.
Version 2.0: Complete overhaul (seperated Cyclone links from main weapon)
Version 2.3: Fixed some support gem links. Updated build trees.
Version 3.0: Another complete overhaul (removed Blood Magic keystone, Essence Worm and Kaom's heart. New endgame chest is Belly of the beast)
Version 3.5: Updated build trees. Updated gem links. Minor fixes.
Version 3.6: Uploaded the correct Xoph's Blood image. Fixed more minor errors.
Version 3.8: Updated some gem links. Added accuracy requirement for gloves/rings.
Version 4.0: Added an F.A.Q section. Please read it before posting questions about the build.
Version 4.1: Updated the F.A.Q section.
Version 4.2: Minor fixes and corrected some descriptions.
Version 4.3: Minor main link priority change.
Version 4.5: Dropped Devoto's Devotion for The Brine Crown. Some lvl100 tree changes (to compensate for the movement / attack speed loss from Devoto's)!
Version 4.6 Updated the flask section. Minor fixes.
Version 5.0 Updated level 100 skill tree, gem links, gear & ascendancy for the patch 2.6 Legacy league!
Version 5.2 Added a budget option to replace Xoph's Blood amulet. Updated the flask section.

Let's get started!

(1)The Idea

As soon as the new axe (Ngamahu's Flame) was spoiled for us with 2.5, i have been working day and night figuring out best ways to maximize it's potential.

As far as i know through testing, the 'Molten Burst' effect is a projectile/area/fire+physical(?) attack which means we can scale it with Weapon Elemental Damage/Elemental Focus/Added Fire/Greater Multiple Projectiles/Increased Area/Concentrated Effect supports! The keystones Point Blank and Iron Grip also boost the damage of Molten Burst in a big way. Also don't forget that the weapon DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FULLY LINKED for the supports in it to have effect on Molten Burst. So basically we have here a potential 7 Link weapon and a skill (Cyclone) that constantly triggers Molten Bursts! Molten Burst also seems to be scaling with physical (non-melee) tagged passives from the tree. Nice right?

This weapon is the perfect example of why i love PoE, it makes you think about countless new build ideas and the design is overall just PERFECT. Thank you GGG_Rory for designing this item for us. ;)

Some time passed while i was theory crafting the build in the early morning hours, and then this item was also revealed. Also just for clarification, the 'Covered in Ash' part of the amulet means: Enemies that hit you are inflicted with an Ash debuff that causes them to take 20% increased fire damage and have 20% less movement speed.

All i can say is that from this point on, the build basically made itself. So the idea is to scale physical damage from the tree, gear, jewels and so on, and then convert it to 100% fire with the two items. Using a Fire Penetration gem in the main weapon will allow us to have 75%+ fire penetration without relying on curses (hexproof monsters/map mod which seem to be very common) and to hopefully obliterate enemies with blazing speed (see what i did there?). Also equipping a Belly of the Beast and The Brine Crown in this build are just another pair of cherries on top.

(2)The Passives

This is the updated level 100 tree for patch 2.6 Legacy league (Marauder/Berserker)!

(3)The Bandits

For the bandit rewards we want the following for the optimal Cyclone experience:

Normal - Help Oak (+40 life)
Cruel - Help Kraityn (8% attack speed)
Merciless - Kill all (skill point)

Life on Normal just makes sense. More life, more survivability. I also made the decision early on to stick with Cyclone while leveling, so that is why i chose attack speed on Cruel over physical damage. And either way, more attack speed means more Molten Burst procs later on! Kill all of the bandits on Merciless, because we are not generating any charges.

(4)The Ascendancy

There are several good Class/Ascendancy options for this build. You can choose to go with Inquisitor(Templar), Chieftain(Marauder), Berserker(Marauder), Juggernaut(Marauder), Champion(Duelist) or a Slayer(Duelist). I personally chose Berserker because it seems like the best option for map/Atziri/endgame clearing overall with the 40% more damage modifier and the incredible 100% leech combined with Vaal Pact.

Berserker Ascendancy Priority:

Normal: Pain Reaver
Cruel: Cloaked in Savagery
Merciless: Crave the Slaughter
Endgame Labyrinth: Aspect of Carnage

(5)The Skills

Now that we know what passives we are taking, let's look at some gem setups and explanations for them. Feel free to test out different gems that fit your style and specially if you are using something other than Cyclone to level your character e.g. Sunder/Sweep/Earthquake. But in most cases the supports stay the same.
Firstly we need some main links for our Cyclone skill that we are using. This is the best way to scale the damage early on and will make leveling with Cyclone a breeze (heh). These gem setups should be in your weapon slot. Here is the priority order for Cyclone links for this build:

Main skill (while leveling):
Cyclone -> Melee Physical -> Added Fire -> Blood Magic (Gem) -> (5th) Increased Area (gem swap Concentrated Effect for bosses) -> (6th) Faster Attack

Main skill (with Ngamahu's Flame):
Weapon Elemental -> Greater Multiple Projectiles -> Physical Projectile Attack Damage -> Fire Penetration -> (5th) Elemental Focus -> (6th) Added Fire


LEVELING NOTE! Use Hatred + Herald of Ash while leveling for more damage or Grace + Herald of Ash for more defense.
Let's not forget a very important part of the build. This will be our way to activate the Molten Bursts and have 100% Fortify uptime. This gem setup should be in your chest slot.

Molten Burst Activation/Defense:

Cyclone - Fortify - Increased Area of Effect - Blood Magic (gem) - (5th) Faster Attacks - (6th) Culling Strike
Now that we can do some damage, let's add some utility! This gem setup should be in your gloves, boots or helmet slot.

Utility/Defense 1:

Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Vengeance - Blood Magic
Now that we can spin until we are dizzy, and we are able to jump around goats spreading joy to everyone, we want some assistance in the form of "Totem Bro". This is basically something you put down for stronger rare mobs and act/map bosses. This gem setup should be in your gloves, boots or helmet slot.

Damage Support (while leveling):

Ancestral Warchief - Concentrated Effect - Melee Physical - Added Fire
Once you have the 2 core items equipped (or atleast Ngamahu's Flame) you can get rid of the above Damage Support setup. Use this utility setup instead. This gem setup should be in your gloves, boots or helmet slot.

Utility/Defense 2:

Cast When Damage Taken(level 20) - Vaal Molten Shell(20) - Vaal Haste - Increased Duration

You can also get more defense by swapping the Vaal Haste for a Vaal Grace. I prefer the Vaal Haste setup at the moment for safe speed clearing. Vaal Haste does NOT work with Cast When Damage Taken, it is there just to be activated manually when you need to deal damage faster.

Note: You can use a Vaal Cyclone gem (instead of Vaal Haste) for clearing eg. breaches a little bit faster. CAUTION: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
Let's add in some auras next. This gem setup should be in your gloves, boots or helmet slot.

Auras (while leveling):

Hatred - Herald of Ash

Note: Once you have the Charisma passive cluster in the tree, you can run Grace, Blasphemy + Flammability and Herald of Ash setup. You will have to have Blood Magic gems for your other skills to run this setup as you will not have enough mana to cast any of your active skills.

(6)The Gear

We want enough defenses for our character to survive in maps and boss fights. The best way i found to do it for this build is to stack as much life as we can and include armour and cap our resists at 76/75/75 for elemental. If we can min max the build to the absolute, we might be able to squeeze in some chaos resistance later, but for now we will see what we can do with 'somewhat average items'.

-- Weapon Options --

You will want to level with a 2-handed weapon with this build no matter what. So pick up a white random 2-hander from the vendor as you start a brand new Duelist in a new league and use what you can find. For the random leveling uniques i would recommend any of the following if you have the currency to get them in order of level requirements up to req level 60 (as of patch 2.5.0):

The Blood Thorn (level 4) - decent early game damage
Limbsplit (level 13) - good early game damage + culling strike!
Shiversting (level 14) - good early game damage
Hrimnor's Hymn (level 17) - good early game damage
Wideswing (level 18) - great early game damage + level 20 AoE gem!
Quecholli (level 22) - great early game damage + AoE explosions!
Geofri's Baptism (level 27) - amazing early/mid game damage
Reaper's Pursuit (level 33) - great mid game damage
Hrimnor's Dirge (level 36) - amazing mid game damage
The Cauteriser (level 40) - amazing mid/late game damage
Rigwald's Charge (level 44) - great late game damage
The Blood Reaper (level 45) - great late game damage
Uul-Netol's Kiss (level 49) - great late game damage + upgradeable!
Terminus Est (level 51) - great late game damage
Marohi Erqi (level 57) - amazing late game damage + level 15 AoE gem!
Kaom's Primacy (level 58) - amazing late game damage + culling strike!

Endgame Weapon: Ngamahu's Flame - core item

-- Body Armour Options --

Here you can use any armour type chest until you get Iron Reflex keystone after which you are able to utilize evasion based items for.. well.. more armour! As far as leveling unique chests go, here are some great options:

Foxshade (level 25) - moderate evasion + mobility + damage
Viper's Scales (level 28) - mobility + poison on hit!
Wall of Brambles (level 30) - massive armour
Bronn's Lithe (level 53) - large evasion + Cyclone damage!
Lightning Coil (level 60) - great overall physical protection

Endgame Body Armour: Belly of the Beast - massive life

-- Helmet Options --

There are plenty of good helmet options, and when you are leveling from the very beginning of the game, nothing comes closer to the perfect brain protector than a Goldrim. So use basically what you can find on the ground early on or go for a typical rare helm with resists + life in a preferably armour based helmet. Rat's Nest/Devoto's Devotion are also great placeholders before you can get The Brine Crown.

Endgame Helmet: The Brine Crown - freeze immunity (this one is really important because getting frozen will stop us from Cycloning), some life and a big resist to boot. Also has a cool chilled ground proc!

-- Gloves Options --

Any sort of good rare gloves are your best option. Go for resists, life, and if you can, some physical damage!

Endgame Gloves: 80+ life, 80%+ total resistance, 5-10 physical damage

-- Boots Options --

Gotta go fast! So in this slot we want at least 25% movement speed because of Cyclone mechanics (30% less movement speed while Cycloning), some resists and life here again go a long way.

Endgame Boots: 80+ life, 100%+ total resistance, 30% movement speed

-- Belt Options --

Ahh, the piece that holds us together like glue when we are spinning around so our pants don't fall to the groun--- HEY Templar! PUT SOME DAMN PANTS ON! Ehm.. Sorry about that. So preferably we want a nice rare belt with a nice chunk of life and some resists. Weapon elemental damage here is not bad either! Feel free to use either a Leather belt base for more life or a Rustic Sash base for more damage. I leave the choice to you.

Endgame Belt: 100+ life, 100%+ total resistance, 35%+ weapon elemental damage

-- Amulet Options --

There are various options for a solid amulets for leveling. Mostly we just want one with some life and resists and/or physical damage while leveling. For the endgame though, there is only one amulet to rule them all:

Endgame Amulet: Xoph's Blood - core (improvement) item

NOTE! If you are on a budget and cannot afford Xoph's Blood, you can use Hrimsorrow gloves in place of some rare gloves for a full elemental damage conversion (50% of physical damage converted to cold). You would then use an Elemental Weakness blasphemy curse instead of Flammability.

-- Ring Options --

Ring options are very open here. Feel free to use what ever base rings you feel is appropriate for you (coral for life, opal for damage, any resist base ring, and even a breach ring will all work fine). You want to keep an eye out for some massive resistances on your ring slot and some life. If you can also get some useful offensive stats on the same rare ring, consider yourself very very lucky. An endgame ring for this build will cost an arm and a "few" legs. So stick with just defensive stats if you are on a budget.

Endgame Ring 1: 75+ life, 80%+ total resistance, 35%+ weapon elemental damage
Endgame Ring 2: 75+ life, 80%+ total resistance, 35%+ weapon elemental damage

(7)The Flasks

We definitely need some refreshments while we are spinning with all this heat around us, so here are some flask options for the build.

This is the budget flask setup (level 65+).


Here is what you should be using when you reach red maps/endgame (when you have The Brine Crown equipped).


Or if you feel safe without a Basalt, then use an extra Quicksilver instead.

Various endgame/boss flask setups (when you have The Brine Crown equipped).

NOTE! The Wise Oak flask should be amazing for this build for some additional fire penetration. Just make sure your fire resistance is the highest total resist (example: 170% fire/140% cold/140% lightning) for the flask to work properly. If you somehow manage to get your resistances at the exact same amount (example: 170% fire/170% cold/170% lightning) you will also get the 10% reduced fire/cold/lightning damage taken.

Endgame labyrinth.

Normal/uber Atziri.

Tul's Domain.

Esh's Domain.

Xoph's Domain.

Uul-Netol's Domain.

Chayula's Domain



I'm still thinking over the best options for endgame flask setups. I will update this section as i test things out. Off the top of my mind i would probably want a Taste of Hate for a defensive flask and maybe drop one quicksilver for a Dying Sun (for the 30% extra AoE + 6% max fire resist)

(8)The Videos

3x Rare T11 (Wasteland) + Breaches (patch 2.5 duelist)

Normal Atziri (patch 2.5 duelist)

(9)The Conclusion

-Fun to play
-Easy to play
-Stun/Freeze immune
-Amazing survivability
-Can clear "bad map mods" up to T16
-Can clear red maps even on 4 socket/4 link
-This build is still cheap! (patch 2.6)

-Cannot regenerate life (lab running for advanced players only)
-Cannot Leech map mod makes us :(
-Xoph's Blood price

(10)The F.A.Q

Q) "Why not/can i do 'X' class with 'Y' ascendancy instead of Marauder(Berserker)?"
A) "You can pick what ever class or ascendancy you want, but Berserker is my personal recommendation for this specific build. I also highly recommend starting as the Marauder(Berserker) especially if you are a newer player."

Q) "Can i use 'X' gem instead of your 'Y' gem in the 'Z' skill setup?"
A) "The ones i have tested/added to the guide are so far the most optimal. If you want to deviate from the skill gems in this build, you are free to do so at your own risk."

Q) "Does the Ngamahu's Flame have to be fully linked for the supports to work in it?"
A) "No. You only need 6 sockets (not linked)."

Q) "I can't afford Xoph's Blood! Will this build work without it?"
A) "This build works perfectly fine without the Xoph's Blood. Just grab the Avatar of Fire node in the tree until you can afford to get one. You will do mid tier maps/normal Atziri just fine without the amulet."

Q) "I can't afford 'X' item in the build! What do i do?"
A) "Use a random rare item for that slot instead, until you can afford to get the endgame item(s). Ngamahu's Flame is the ONLY item you have to have for this build to start working. At the time of writing this (13/3/2017), the Ngamahu's Flames are being sold for 10 Chaos each on poe.trade (Softcore Legacy League)"

Q) "Can this build clear red maps/Atziri/Uber lab?"
A) "Yes."

Q) "Why did you take 'X' keystone? Can i use the 'Y' gem instead?"
A) "Every keystone in this build has it's purpose. Do not replace the keystones with the equivalent gem in your gear eg. Point Blank keystone > Point Blank gem."

Q) "Can i link Cyclone with damage supports instead to do more damage?"
A) "Yes you can, but at the cost of survivability, and possibly making the build not function correctly."

Q) "Why not Elemental Overload over Resolute Technique?"
A) "Because Resolute Technique gives us more consistent procs per second, and getting Elemental Overload is much more investment because you have to get a high hit%/some critical strike chance. On top of that the node itself is too far away in the tree for it to be worth getting."

Q) "Can i use The Bringer of Rain instead for more damage?"
A) "Yes, but it comes with a cost. Losing an extra 4 link in the gear and a bunch of resists/life is not worth the small damage boost. You would also lose your freeze immunity by not wearing The Brine Crown. Getting frozen is after all one of the few downsides Cyclone has left in this build, and The Brine Crown fixes it perfectly."

Q) "How much damage does the 'Molten Burst' do?
A) "With my current 6 socket weapon setup on a level 89 Berserker it does about 16,000 damage per orb (7 total orbs). Remember also that the Point Blank keystone is not shown in the tooltip so you have to calculate that in separately."

Q) "Do you think this build can do Guardians/Uber Atziri/Shaper?"
A) "I'm confident this build can clear all of the above. Videos coming later (TBD)."

Q) "Should i use the elemental Grand Spectrum jewels in this build?"
A) "No. Not for this build."

Q) "What about jewels? Which stats should i look for?"
A) "Any of these will work (try to aim for 3-4 damage properties): Projectile damage, Physical damage with two handed melee weapons, Physical damage with axes, Area damage, Increased damage, Physical damage, Fire damage, Attack speed, Attack & Cast speed, Attack speed with axes, Elemental resists (if your gear is missing some).

Q) "I'm dying all the time! What do i do!?"
A) "Try to get the leech nodes in the tree as soon as possible. Also once you have the 'Cloaked in Savagery' Berserker ascendancy node, you will become incredibly tanky while Cycloning. Also don't forget to pick up some life/armour nodes and the Iron Reflexes keystone in the tree early on. They work wonders with a Grace gem equipped. Also being resist capped at 75% (or as close to as possible when leveling) is VERY important when doing elemental breaches for example."

Q) "Is this build Hardcore viable?"
A) "Yes."

Q) "What can i scale the 'Molten Burst' with?"
A) "It is considered a physical/fire(because of the conversion)/projectile/aoe attack. So any kind of non-melee non-spell damage increases will work with it."

Q) "I'm now level 55. What nodes do i get next?"
A) "I always try to get as many life/armour nodes as i can before i hit level 80, because after that, getting levels will be significantly slower. Try to leave the big damage nodes last. Survivability > Damage."

Q) "Why not get the Hematophagy cluster for more leech?"
A) "Hematophagy cluster only works with PHYSICAL damage. We are doing only elemental damage (100% fire conversion) in this build. Feel free to use it while leveling though, and respec out of those nodes when you use the Ngamahu's Flame + Avatar of Fire (in the tree or the amulet)."

Q) "Would any other skill work to trigger the 'Molten Burst'? What about Spectral Throw?"
A) "Cyclone is the only choice for this build, since it also gives us the ability to be stun immune while moving and hitting things. Spectral Throw does not trigger Molten Bursts from the weapon. Molten Burst only triggers from MELEE HITS. Otherwise Molten Burst would trigger from itself, and that would be silly."

Q) "You are running 3 auras (total of 110% mana reserved) in your build. How?"
A) "The three main "auras" are Grace, Blasphemy + Flammability and Herald of Ash. You can run all three once you have the Charisma cluster allocated from the passive tree."

Q) "How do you survive against elemental reflect?"
A) "Elemental reflect map mod = skip. The 'Cloaked in Savagery' ascendancy node does a lot of work against individual reflect monsters. I might eventually use one of Ruby flask, but for now, reflect death count: 0"

(11)My Current Gear

Here is what i could gather up so far playing the Legacy league (patch 2.6).


Have fun Spinning!
Guild Master of <Limit Horizon>
IGN: Atmotion
Stream: www.twitch.tv/atmotion
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this build is anything but cheap
katjezz wrote:
this build is anything but cheap

You really only need the Ngamahu's Flame (currently 10 chaos or less on Legacy SC) for it to start working. The amulet is not necessary until much later in endgame. I would say that 10 chaos for a buld to start working is pretty cheap considering the options currently (HowA, any CI build, any bow build). :)

Edit: Added a great budget option if you cannot afford a Xoph's Blood.
Guild Master of <Limit Horizon>
IGN: Atmotion
Stream: www.twitch.tv/atmotion
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Hey dude I did your duelist version in Breach and really enjoyed it! Was something fresh after only playing blade vortex every league^^

What should I expect with this version in comparison, more damage or more health? Or is it mostly the same? Also I see you picked up vaal pact is it really mandotory even with the amount of leech from berserker?
I just startet leveling the character so I can't really test it myself atm^^

After reading your build for abit at work, I noticed you still mention the slayer ascendancy(burtal fevour) in your flask section, maybe remove it before some people get confused
Last edited by stylertyp on Mar 14, 2017, 7:40:07 AM
stylertyp wrote:
What should I expect with this version in comparison, more damage or more health? Or is it mostly the same? Also I see you picked up vaal pact is it really mandotory even with the amount of leech from berserker?

Both. This version will do more damage (mostly because of the 40% MORE damage ascendancy and will have much more survivability in the end game/against high amounts of spike damage with Vaal Pact + 100% leech ascendancy (when savagely hit). I would say, yes the Vaal Pact is mandatory if you aim for high red tier maps / guardians etc.

stylertyp wrote:
After reading your build for abit at work, I noticed you still mention the slayer ascendancy(burtal fevour) in your flask section, maybe remove it before some people get confused

Glad you enjoyed it! Will update that one, thanks for the heads up. :)
Guild Master of <Limit Horizon>
IGN: Atmotion
Stream: www.twitch.tv/atmotion
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t11 maps at 67lvl easy (axe,body,head from build - else golden from leveling). Thx for build. may be later i'll post progress and equip.
love this build <333
nothing more to say :)

Edit: Why your CWDT is linked with nothing that can be triggered? O_o
Last edited by Anadune00990033 on Mar 22, 2017, 3:54:30 PM
Why so much focus in life regen if you cant regenerate after with Vaal Pact?
BTW I´m using the build is great just had that doubt.
love this build <333
nothing more to say :)

Edit: Why your CWDT is linked with nothing that can be triggered? O_o

I would like an answer to this as well, and why not immortal call?
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