[2.6]Thoughts on my bladefall poison build? - occultist

I'm trying to make a bladefall build but i've never played one so i'm not exactly sure about the mechanics. To sum it up it's an occultist using bladefall supported by poison, 3 curses, wither totem and pledge of hands for a faster casting. It looks good on paper, fully geared with decent ES pieces it should have a high enough pool to facetank bosses also thanks to warlord's mark, and with a 6 link plus vulnerability, temporal chains, wither totem, atziri's flask and 2 jewels (out of 4 jewel sockets available) it deals over a million dps.

Here's the build http://pastebin.com/YnTwyTq6 just import the code to path of building.

I'm looking for suggestions/way to optimize it/unique items that would go well with it. The jewel socket near the ES/life nodes should probably be the one that converts life to ES but i forgot to put it in.

If it's trash just tell me.
Last bumped on Mar 3, 2017, 9:15:45 AM

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