[2.6] EK Poison Nova build?

So I´ve been drinking some beer and trying to theorycraft a EK nova poison build.

I´m really torn between Assassin, Trickster and Occultist and don´t really have experience how they would play later in the game.

This is what i image as a passive tree (pretty much the same for all ascendancies). It's high level as shit, but you get the idea:

This will be played on HC.

So, I´m not sure about the three options. At the moment Occultist looks the juiciest, mainly due to corpse explosion and easy tri-curse (with witchfire brew).

Assassin probably is the highest deepz option, but I'm not sure if I would need the extra crit chance and poison multiplier?

But what I would like to play the most is actually the Trickster, but without easy power charges it might get annoying. However it probably is the most defensive option, rocking the sexy movement skill ascendancy. Will use dagger with shield charge + fortify.

So, I´d like some thoughts on this, especially regarding the ascendancy.


Edit: Oh, I would use consuming dark for poison and the EK setup would look like this:
Add Chaos
Void Mani
fast cast / spell echo? for 6L
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What's EK?
interesting take.

may i ask why you taking u taking duration nodes if you dont have poison in your setup?

Personally you may go full on poison and duration and drop the crit or go chaos crit no poison, imo.

Im doing similar build too, but for SC.

hope it will go well for u
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