Atom Package: path-of-exile-item-filter [v1.3.0][3.1]

This is a package for the Atom text editor. It is designed to make the manual editing of item filters easier.

Major Features
- Syntax highlighting for filter files, allowing your color scheme to apply correctly.
- Autocompletion suggestions as you edit, including all item bases and classes in the game.
- Error checking for filter files outside of the game.

Minor Features
- Editor gutter decorations which allow you to preview both sounds and colors within the editor.

Obtaining Atom
Atom is a text editor developed by GitHub. It can be downloaded from its webpage at here.

Installing the Package
The package can be easily installed from within the editor itself. Once you have the editor open:
These instructions are for Windows. They may differ a bit on other operating systems.

1.) In the top menu bar, click File and choose Settings.
2.) Go to the Install section in the left pane.
3.) Enter "poe" into the search bar and hit enter.
4.) Find "path-of-exile-item-filter" in the results and hit the install button.
Alternatively, archives of the package can be downloaded from the git repository here.

The following images were taken with the One Dark UI Theme and the One Dark Syntax theme.

Version History
Version 1.3.0
- Added support for the War for the Atlas expansion.
- Added support for the Abyss league.
- Added the three new filter keywords: ElderItem, ShaperItem, and ShapedMap.

Version 1.2.0

Package code changed significantly to keep up with recent updates to Atom, with major features remaining unchanged.

Versions 1.1.5-1.1.7

- Full support for the additional sounds in Fall of Oriath.
- Mark "PlayAlertSound Orb" as invalid syntax.
- Improved package activation time.

Version 1.1.3-1.1.4

- Added full support for Fall of Oriath and the Harbinger league.
- Added support for the new PlayAlertSoundPositional rule.
- Added the new sounds for the PlayAlertSound rule.
- The PlayAlertSound rule can now have "Orb" as its first value.
- Removal of datasets as a feature with the end of the beta.

Versions 1.1.0-1.1.2

- Added a new dataset for the Fall of Oriath beta.
- Fixed the gutter background on lines with a cursor.
- Stopped displaying both the invalid format and invalid value messages for Class and BaseType rules.
- Require Linter 2.2 in order to avoid issues caused by 2.0.

Version 1.1.0

- Added support for datasets, which will allow you to write filters for future versions of the game. There is currently only one dataset.
- Added our own gutter to the editor, which is used to hold our decorations. This gutter will only be added to editors containing item filters.
- Reworked package initialization. The majority of features will now be available even if the user declines the installation of additional dependencies.
- Started using a background process to do the initial parse of a filter. Loading large item filters will no longer freeze the editor for several seconds on file open.
- Added the "General -> Chunk Size" configuration variable, which allows you to control the maximum number of lines processed at any given time.
- Added the "General -> Enable Editor Gutter" configuration variable, which sets the visibility of our gutter in the editor.
- Added the "Data -> Dataset" configuration variable, which determines the active dataset loaded and used by the package.
- Added the "Linter -> Enable Warnings" configuration variable, which toggles Linter warning messages for item filters on or off.
- Added the "Linter -> Enable Information" configuration variable, which toggles Linter information messages for item filters on or off.
- Removed the "Data -> Enable League Data" configuration variable.
- Removed the "Data -> Enable Legacy Data" configuration variable.
- Removed the "Data -> Enable Recipe Data" configuration variable.
- Temporarily removed the "Autocomplete -> Enable Icons" configuration variable until it actually has a use.
- Removed the "Gutter -> Enable Color Decorations" configuration variable.
- Removed the "Gutter -> Enable Sound Decorations" configuration variable.

Automatic conversion of hexadecimal values to the format used by Path of Exile has been temporarily removed. This feature will return, with the goal being to support all formats outputted by the Atom color-picker package.

Versions 1.0.1-1.0.9
- Added linter errors for trailing comments on rules where it's an error in-game.
- Extension renames for opened files are now properly handled.
- A linter error will no longer flash when converting hexadecimal text.
- Fixed an exception error thrown when editing an item filter not on disk.
- Added a Linter error for SetFontSize when it appears with an operator.
- Eternal Orb and Item Quantity Support moved to league data list.
- Fixed an issue which occurred when RGBA rules contained a 0.
- Filter files not currently saved to disk will now be processed, though linter messages will be disabled.
- Fixed filter decorations vanishing on other tabs whenever a filter is closed.
- Gutter decorations and Linter messages should now behave properly when editing multiple lines.
- Linter improvements, including descriptions and solutions where appropriate.
- Added extra suggestions for each endgame set.
- The option to enable and disable the linter works properly once again.
- Tabs containing a filter will no longer be processed twice whenever the editor is launched.

Version 1.0.0
- Support for 2.6 and Legacy league.
- Added a linter, which provides error checking outside of the game.
- Decorations for previewing sound alerts and colors for each appropriate line.
- Added configuration settings, including class and base whitelists.
- Autocompletion improvements and bug fixes.
- Added completion decorations, which can be turned off in settings.
- Improvements to the grammar.
- Began using JSON files for our data.
- Hide blocks can now have action rules, such as SetFontSize.
- Most action rules can now have a trailing comment.
- Added completions for Map tiers, each of which inserts a new Show block.
- Automatic conversion of hex values for the rules taking an RGBA color value.
- Stopped using snippets for filter keywords.

Early Versions
Version 0.1.8
- Added the 15 new divination cards from 2.5.1.
- Allow empty lines in Show and Hide blocks.
- Fix for the Corrupted rule, as it is case sensitive after all.
- Added fishing rods to the item lists.
- Fixed a typo with the Alder Spiked Shield.

Version 0.1.7
- Added 'toggle-line-comments' support.
- Revamp of the grammar to work well with syntax themes.
- Added the new active gems from 2.4.2.
- Support for 2.5 and Breach league.
- Added support for the Corrupted filter rule.

Version 0.1.5
- Fixed several typos in map names.

Version 0.1.4
- Added divination cards to the item lists.
- Improved suggestion filtering.
- Added a color differential between filter and action rules.

Version 0.1.3
- Support for Atlas of Worlds.
- Added quivers to the item list.
- Fixed spelling mistakes in value names.

Version 0.1.2
- Support for the Identified rule.

Version 0.1.1
- Support for Prophecy.
- Support for Talisman.
- Support for Perandus.

Version 0.1.0
- Grammar for Path of Exile item filters added.
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Interesting! This is gonna be extremely useful. Thank you!

For new Atom users (like me):

1.- Install Atom

2.- Install the package

3.- Atom > Edit > Select Grammar > Search for poe and choose POE Item Filter (Screenshot)

Tenebral wrote:
Interesting! This is gonna be extremely useful. Thank you!

For new Atom users (like me):

1.- Install Atom

2.- Install the package

3.- Atom > Edit > Select Grammar > Search for poe and choose POE Item Filter (Screenshot)

Note that you only have to do #3 when you're editing a new file that has not yet been saved to the disk. Unfortunately, some features are disabled when editing in this way.

Once the package has been installed, opening any file with the '.filter' extension will automatically set the grammar for you. All features will also work normally.
Updated. Full support for both Fall of Oriath and the Harbinger challenge league.
Is there any online (javascript) editors which can use this package or any way to convert from Atom's?
find enough time to make custom higlight package for Ace Editor, which i currently use :(
FilterBlast - a web-hub with up-to-date item filters and extra features
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Dissolator wrote:
Is there any online (javascript) editors which can use this package or any way to convert from Atom's?
find enough time to make custom higlight package for Ace Editor, which i currently use :(

The major features all rely on either the Atom API or other Atom packages, so unfortunately not. Ace looks like it could be useful, so I'll look into it in a few weeks. The Atom-specific code is already segmented off from things like the parser, so supporting multiple editors is a possibility.
Updated with support for all of the new sounds, including the voiced ones. This package is going to be a lot stricter when it comes to the PlayAlertSound rule than Path of Exile itself is right now in order to prevent crashes relating to this particular rule.
Updated with full support for War for the Atlas and the Abyss league.
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