[2.5] Assassin VSpark Budget Gear


just a basic Overview of the Build.
It's a decent league starter, since all you need is Chill of Corruption and 1-3 Sacrifical Harvests to run dried lake easily and fast.


VSpark - Spell Echo - Faster Proj - Pierce - Inc. Crit Strikes (6L is whatever, get Crit dmg/Empower or sth which boosts dps)

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Herald of Ice - Discipline

Spark - Spell Echo - Pierce - Faster Proj

and if you want get a CWDT setup, not needed tho

Weapon: Spellcrit (get atleast 80%)/Spelldmg/Attack speed(its just a bonus to go faster, not needed)
Ring: Valyrium

Fill the rest with random gear, get some ES and resists

For Flasks you basically only need a quicksilver, you don't really need a Diamond Flask, since you will be at 90%+ crit anyway, but it doesnt hurt. Can also get Onslaught Flask for faster whirling blades. Make sure you have anti bleed on one of the flasks tho. 40% Damage flask is also not bad.

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