<EMPIRE> RECRUITING FOR NEW LEAGUE (200+ Active Members, 55+ Stash Tabs) + Discord

Status: 200+ Active Members | 5+ Active Officers | 55+ Guild Tabs
Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/guild/profile/227261

Hello, and welcome to the OFFICIAL thread for the EMPIRE guild of Path of Exile.

Empire is a guild open to players of all experience and skill levels. We house many experienced players as well as new players. There is no skill or experience level required for joining Empire; veterans and new players are always welcome. However, we are looking for players who intend to stick around, and not drop off after 4 weeks in a league.

We like to promote positive experiences, game-play knowledge, and being a friendly community for all players across the globe. We are predominantly a soft-core guild playing in temporary leagues and standard, although hardcore and solo self-found players are also welcome to join.

## Basic Rules and Regulations:

1) We ask that members keep the guild/voice* chat free of offensive remarks. We don't care about fun profanity and jokes, just don't be a dick.

**1a. - Political discussions or divisive topics are strongly advised against on any communication platform related to Empire. This could lead to an offense, which could result in a ban. This is a game, keep it related.

* We use Discord as a means of communication outside of Path of Exile. It is certainly not required. The invite code is available upon request (message the GM or any officer in game). You can download Discord here: https://discordapp.com/

2) It is important that we emphasize being a positive, encouraging, helpful, friendly and uplifting guild in the community, where players are comfortable asking questions and supporting each other. If a new player has a common unique drop for the first time and in their excitement links it to guild chat, be constructive with your comments and advice, rather than telling them that it's shit and leaving it at that - this is something that will not be tolerated.

3) Although the guild is open to players globally, the language used in the guild is English. If you cannot read and write English well enough to effectively communicate with other members, I would suggest searching elsewhere, as this could hinder your positive experience in-game.

4) We like to keep the guild as active as we can. Typical cuts start at 1 month of inactivity*, which can now be monitored in-game, since Path of Exile's 2.5 update. If you are the type of player to quit a month into a temp-league, this guild may not be for you.

## Apply to Empire > To apply to the guild, please copy, paste, and complete the form below as a reply on this thread:

Account Name:
Character Name:
Highest Level:
Month & Year You Started Path of Exile:
Country/Time Zone:
Average Hours Played Per Week:
Player-type (League Only, Hardcore, Standard, Etc.):
Chat Activity (1-10, 10 being very active):

## Addendum to the Guild Stash (11.21.17):

We will have the guild stash as mostly FFA in the coming leagues. We will keep the tabs as organized as we can, but it is up to the players to keep the items organized. As the tabs will be FFA, please do not put anything into the stash that you do not want taken without notice. There will be some officer-only tabs for higher tier items.

Some of the tabs were rearranged in the merger from the previous league, but you get the point:

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Account Name: CritCommand
Character Name: NeedMoarBlock
Highest Level: 82
Month & Year You Started Path of Exile: December 22, 2016
Country/Time Zone: US East
Average Hours Played Per Week: at least 16 ish, mostly on the weekends
Player-type (League Only, Hardcore, Standard, Etc.): Played standard so far to learn the game, looking forward to try out Hardcore Legacy soon!
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Account Name: Terasaur
Character Name: TerasaurVS
Highest Level: 90
Month & Year You Started Path of Exile: Aug. 2015
Country/Time Zone: PST
Average Hours Played Per Week: 15 (weekends)
Player-type (League Only, Hardcore, Standard, Etc.): league only, gonna try hardcore this season
EDIT: Still like the look of your guild but I have joined another one for now. Will definitely be back in touch if that does not work out, though. Cheers!
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Account Name: Tyhard
Character Name: theburningman
Highest Level: 79
Month & Year You Started Path of Exile: 6 Nov, 2016
Country/Time Zone: UTC+10:00: Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
Average Hours Played Per Week: 10 hours can vary to more if not busy ( mainly on the weekends)
Player-type (League Only, Hardcore, Standard, Etc.): league only
Hey all,

Thanks for applying - we will be doing a "pre-league" purge tomorrow (7:00pm EST), and will be sending any outstanding invites after that time.
Account Name: karims118
Character Name: FuckItIllJustDoWarchief
Highest Level: 94
Month & Year You Started Path of Exile: jun 2014
Country/Time Zone: UTC+2
Average Hours Played Per Week: too embarassed to count, about 8 hours daily, more at league start
Player-type (League Only, Hardcore, Standard, Etc.): mostly league, but play a bit of standard when iam bored of league

All applicants above this post have been invited.

As of now, and after the purge, we are at 165/225 - still recruiting, of course.
Account Name: sniduck
Character Name: Sniwitchy
Highest Level: 86
Month & Year You Started Path of Exile: January 2017
Country/Time Zone: US East
Average Hours Played Per Week: 15-20
Player-type (League Only, Hardcore, Standard, Etc.): Started in breach league, will play just league again in Legacy
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Account Name: Romados
Character Name: IsThisUrHomeworkLarry
Highest Level: 92
Month & Year You Started Path of Exile: January, 2013
Country/Time Zone: UTC-05:00: Eastern Time Zone (EST)
Average Hours Played Per Week: 20
Player-type (League Only, Hardcore, Standard, Etc.): League only

Thank you for the consideration.

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