[2.6] COC Cyclone bladefall build that uses staffs and all charges (Updated)

This is my first post, self found build, and really my first pc game that I've really invested in. So your feedback is much needed and welcomed, just be gentle...

So, I wanted to try my own build after following a couple generic cyclone guides and a couple caster ones as well. What I came up with was a cyclone build that actually felt rewarding. I only got to level 84 in breach because I'm very casual, but I think the sky is the limit for this build in a good players hands. Enjoy!

Updated for 2.6!
This build actually got stronger and more efficient from the changes. Good Luck!

Easily get max charges at all times
Very fun to play for a cyclone build
Knockback pushes enemies along with you while you move

knockback can push enemies into corners
Expensive staff required for end game
Cyclone is melee so you are probably going to die at some point.

Basic Theory of this build: Overview of my gem and tree selections.
I wanted as much life and sustain as I could get while still killing everything fluidly. My CWDT taken set up with life leach, iron will, discharge, and molten shell goes a long way for this. Anytime I take a big shot I get a huge chunk of aoe damage that also leaches life. My other CWDT set up gives me blade vortex almost permanently so that I can always curse on hit with warlords mark. This allows me to have a mana build and also gives me some awesome life steal. I'm running Hatred and Herald of ash for my auras, but once my Enlighten gem gets leveled I will probably add in a defensive aura like Determination or Vitality. I also have a generic immortal call set up with a high level blood rage to self cast. This is where I get my frenzy Charges. I create a lot of endurance and power charges thanks to my skill tree selections on the staff nodes. Final note, Yes I did not invest anything in my skill tree to help Bladefall damage.... So that means technically you are more efficient by dropping those two gems for more crit and leach for cyclone, but I find the Bladefall to do plenty of damage on it's own. It's really just there for more aoe anyway. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

Skill Tree: I went Scion, but marauder or duelist is probably better

Alt Skill Tree for those who want to invest in Bladefall more:

Gear: This is the gear I am currently using. This can be done with 4 link gear and no uniques until about level 72 or so. Then you need Hegemany's Staff to help clear speed.

I would say no uniques are required but Hegemony's Era is going to go a LONG way for this build. Everything else is optional in my opinion. Just need res, life, and some crit.

Anyway, I really hope someone that's good at this game can turn this into something great with the new staff changes that are coming out. GL and HF all!
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1) Your profile isn't public, so it doesn't give any insight for gear, links and so on.
2) From what I understand, is there any reasons for CoC support at all? Like, you have 0 nodes from the tree for Bladefall.
Great point about the whole public profile thing. I fixed that.

Also, bladefall is really only there for more aoe and it causes bleeds as well. The damage is already pretty good just from levels and crits. I'm sure it would be more "efficient" to just go cyclone damage. I've just entered red maps at 84 and the bladefall will finish off anything that gets pushed to far away from me.
Updated with my gear and gem links. Also explained more about the build mechanics. If you have any questions or feedback please reach out. Thanks and Enjoy!
followed someone guide for the chrismast tree build with coc staff shock and frost nova before bladefall was added now im going with coc staff again will whant to go with shock and frost nova with bladefall. here the closed of the build that i can remember with some change with acendancy.

I really like this tree idea. I'm going to add this as an option. Thank you!
Updated or 2.6

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