[2.5] Drelentless' 1h Ele Cyclone Inquisitor

Just want to share this build

The Build: 1-Hander / Elemental / Cyclone / Inquisitor

Budget: Around 100 chaos (To start off)

Life Based / No 5 or 6 Link required / Fast Clearing Build / End Game Viable / All Guardians & Breachlords Capable / Uber Atziri & Shaper (not tried)

Next League Ready (Legacy League)


Life Based :(

Main Ingredients: http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Essence_of_Horror applied to a glove and Inquisitor's Inevitable Judgement node

Best in slot items:

Chest: Kaom's Heart
Shield: Lycosidae
Helm: Rat's Nest


T16 Hydra Guardian

Sorry for the low FPS & Lag. I have a potato GPU (410M only) & shitty Singapore Server

I didn't play this build for a month. forgot to switch Faster Attack gem to the link, instead of Culling Strike gem

will update more if needed. Enjoy :)
Last bumped on Jul 17, 2017, 7:13:49 AM
Any chance you can open up your account, so we can see your char? :)

Build looks great. Im amazed a 4L 1h build can clear tier 16! Good job man.
Hey, thanks for the nice complements & interest on the build.

I already unchecked all the privacy settings. Should be able to view now
Great build. I also think it's amazing a 4L 1H can clear a tier 16.

Can you update your passive tree? I would like to see it complete.

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