[2.5] Crit Lacerate Slayer - Fast Clearspeed, Shaper/Uber Viable

This build runs awesomely fine. Since Starforge was added to the game, 2H sword got much more viable than ever before. This guide will be a little too simple (such as my english) because it doesn't have much to say. Leap, Kill, Leap again, and sometimes summon a totem.


Starforge is essencial for this build, I leveled using a Reaver Sword 5L with little DPS until I got level 70, even with a crap sword it's got a fast clearspeed (you can try Hiltless or any unique 2H good sword since they are cheap. I really don't need a starforge 6L since all my slots are taken and the totem already does a pretty good damage.

I've tried using Carcass Jack, it had a nice area upgrade, but just a little DPS upgrade...BUT, you can change Increased area of effect for Increased Critical Strikes Damage (You can try any other gems besides that one, but it was my option since it had a blue slot left, haven't tried many others)
For Leveling I used a 6L chest with +90 life, nothing special, but a 6L is pretty nice on this build.

Okay, here is the confusion. Many people go Abyssus since it has a HUGE increase in DPS...But that Increased physical damage taken is a really throwback. I know Slayer got Headsman (50% reduced reflect physical damage taken), but most of my deaths were by reflect rares with high hp in rotas (since things are exploding everywhere, lacerate is often on the front and you can barely see any mods on enemies), so I really go for Rat's Nest or Devoto's Devotion (Rats Nest gives more dps on this crit build, but finding the right enchant is pretty difficult, I've only tried with +% crit, not +% dmg). You can try abyssus for Shaper since you have to dodge all it's attacks (lmao, but true)

Here I try to find ASP + Life, Spiked Gloves are awesome for that, but an evasion one can do the deal. I've corrupted MANY gloves trying to get that Vulnerability curse or even Temporal chains, but instead I'm running them as blasphemy (instead I would go for arctic armour/haste + 1 Blasphemy instead of 2 Blasphemies)

Nothing special, High life and resistances

Here is the problem, running blue gems requires high int, something that this build lack, so I get it on rings and amulets. I try to get Life and resistances, if possible, diamond rings and some critical multiplier or chance on the amulet is fine also. Choir of the Storm is a nice amulet too, it gives Int and the critical chance this char needs, really good if you have a nice Lightning resistance, I wish I knew it before, I would totally run with this amulet.

High life and Resistances...Wish I had a headhunter.

Life flask (you can try a 50% instant recover also)
Diamond flask for sweet crits
Atziri for high damage and chaos dmg (the only other type of dmg starforge can give)
Lion's roar... I really like the knockback and physical damage reduction it gives, but you can really try another flask.
Basalt for defense

I tried many skill trees from other builds and got this really good result with high % life and nice crit. It has +186% life. At the bottom I got the life leech nodes, but I think you can skip that since life steal is not a problem without it (but that +20% damage when leeching is pretty good with for the Slayer nonstop leeching)
As for the ascendancy points, I didn't tested Impact for the build since I focused on the life leech nodes, but you can always try it.
Also, I removed a +5% life node and got another jewel slot for + life and + crits since I'm level 96.
I know people usualy stop at somewhere near level 90, so you can skip either the life nodes or the life leech.

Oak for life, Kill All, Power Charge (I got frenzy, but power is better problably)


5L setup
Lacerate + Increased area/concentrated effect + Melee phys dmg + Multistrike + Faster Attacks
6L setup
Lacerate + Increased area/concentrated effect + Melee phys dmg + Multistrike + Faster Attacks + Increased critical strike chance
You can really change Increased area for increased crit damage...your call.

Ancestral Warchief is the best totem for this build. It is really good against bosses or high life rare monsters, also it gives a little boost on your dps
5L setup
Ancestral Warchief + Faster Attacks + Melee phys dmg + increased crit strike chance + concentrated effect
6L setup
Ancestral Warchief + Faster Attacks + Melee phys dmg + increased crit strike chance + concentrated effect + increased crit dmg
In bosses fight I changed my increased area of the lacerate for the conc effect of the totem, but you can always carry a conc effect with you too.

I run Blasphemy + Vulnerability + Assassin's mark + Vaal Haste (If you like asp). Here I wanted to run just one blasphemy plus an arctic armour or haste, but a curse on the glove is pretty expensive

Immortal Call
As always
Immortal call + Cast when damage taken + inc duration + blood rage

Leap Slam
Leap Slam + Faster attacks + Fortify + Blood magic

Ice golem with the 5L warchieft totem on a 6S item

http://imgur.com/JsXv7RO Increased critical strike damage
http://imgur.com/HadyVQJ Both with concentrated effect
http://imgur.com/g2aLrxz increased area with no quality
http://imgur.com/jv6qyg2 Here i have Blood rage + totem + Ice Golem + All flasks activated (curses doesn't change my dps)
I can get close to 400k dps with aurabots and stuff.

The mechanics are simple, you leap slam near a mob, get that fortify and lacerate everything. You sometimes summon totem to get rid of those monsters that survived. This build can easily clear almost everything, but shaper is a really pain the ass since you get one shot easily and the life steal can't tank the vortex on the ground or the beam. As for Uber atziri, you get one shot easily since all dodge change go to hell on bosses fight (really, I never dodged anything)
As for leveling, I really enjoyed Poorjoy's rota, when there were no uber players on the party, I was usually the highest dps and was often on the frontline.

This is my first guide, any questions you can ask me here! Thanks and enjoy it!
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Sorry but we need videos..
"Good thing they nerfed the carto, it wasn't fun to find one in every map." - Haborym
Okay! I will soon upload some!
You should get more accuracy, since Starforge base crit is low, 82% accuracy rating will make it worse.

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