We're proud to announce Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath! This announcement covers the full details of the long-anticipated 3.0.0 Content Update that will change Path of Exile as you know it. Not only have we removed the Cruel Difficulty and added Act 5, we've also removed Merciless Difficulty and added Acts 6 through 10. Yes, you read that right! It's one ten-act playthrough. Check out the trailer and announcement page for more information!

We'll be updating this post with links to announcement coverage from journalists. Check back soon for even more information.
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Grinding Gear Games
As soon as I quickly glanced over the announcement, I just couldn't stop myself from pressing the magic button. I hope by 3.0 you'll have fixed the 6 second disconnection timer, yes? :o)
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Very nice news indeed my main man! please release the xbox version faster, im dying!
We don’t want trade to be too convenient. We’ve seen what happens in other games, and also in our own game, when trade is too easy. It lets people bypass content way too quickly,” - Chris.
TO EVERYONE WORRIED THAT THIS IS THE END - Chris confirmed in Reddit there WILL be more content to come after 3.0!

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Hmm, two more days for full info, the tease continues!

The coolest thing about this is that it accelerates GGGs long held promise of 10 acts, thereby paving the way for Path of Exile 2: Electric Boogaloo much sooner than previously thought.

I am so excite. Might be time to double down on the support or more!

Congratulations GGG on a wonderful news day.

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1 Playthrough 10 acts

No Problem,
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Just when i think poe could not be any better than it already is, you prove me wrong yet again ggg. truly such milestone of game development can only be achieved by best game developer, after all these years they have been listening to the community, i think it is fair and justified to drop my hard earned money to support ggg in this regards. it's just, how do i put it, the more i read about poe in pc gaming community and media, the more i fall in love with poe.

End of the day, we can only but wonder how poe is in the current state if not because it's in the hand of ggg. now, now, which supporter pack should the mystical magical button on my Xbox One be pressed upon honestly because all of them look fantastic and i dont wanna miss them anymore like i miss the witch hat sale.

Which brings us to i think what we have been thinking anyway after keep hearing of exciting announcements in discord, thank you ggg for taking care of our beloved media form of entertainment, path of exile. amazing!
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Man, I am so excited for the new act. I can't believe how far GGG has come in this small period of time. Other game companies consist of 500+ people, but can't even come close to the quality that GGG delivers every single time. In support of this announcement, I will purchase a supporter pack (even though it's cutting into my food budget, lol). Which other game mpany cares so much about their users that they devote such a large team to improving the performance so drastically over a short period of time? I can't think of anyone else other than GGG, and I am so thankful for it.

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