[2.5] Frost Blades - Pathfinder. Awesome fun! (Video Update)

Hey guys,

this is my first post in this section. I've never been very much into building my own chars,but I found lots of currency and good items in my standard stash and wanted to give it a try.

Why Frost Blades

I always loved Frost Blades, but I've never seen anyone play it.
It is a unique mechanic with Melee, Proj, Cold and the Weapon Range.
Also got bored of Blade Flurry
Plus amazing AOE and trash clear speed

Rocky Start

I started out as an Inquisitor. I thought the Mace nodes would be nice for Doryanis. Also used a Deaths Hand with Phys to Cold conversion, but it didnt work out that well.

I switched to Pathfinder and it feels much smoother.

Video - T14 Volcano

Lvl 77 at this point with 4.3k Life
Never did T14 before, that's why i'm pretty slow.

In the following, you will see my Gear, passive tree and some comments to why I used which Items.

I do have some questions though. Some question are in brackets at Items, Skills etc.
And one is regarding double dippig with damage conversion.

I wear the gloves "Hrimburn", that make my cold damage Ignite. I do Ignite alot. But i'm not sure how the calculation works here, what i need for double dipping or if i can even double dip with my cold damage at all.
If someone could explain this to me, that would be very nice!

For your info:
40% phys to cold from Frost Blades
25% phys to cold from Hrimburn Gloves
12% phys to fire from Doryanis


I realized that i just needed 1 Chain for my Frost Blades. It really makes the difference from clearening the whole screen and clearing only what is infront of you. Thats why i went for Touch of Anguish.
Hrimburn for Phys to Cold Conversion and Cold Dmg ignites.
Brinerot Whalers for Proj Damage, phys damage. Not sure if that is BiS.

I was thinking about Victario's Acuity as an Amulet. But I'm not sure if it is worth it. I like my Amulette alot.

Rings are just Phys, WED, Life, Res. Steel or Opal Rings would be nice, but i had no luck crafting some yet.

Video - T14 Volcano

Lvl 77 at this point with 4.3k Life
Never did T14 before, that's why i'm pretty slow.

Passive Tree


Still missing the Movement Asc node from Pathfinder.


CWDT - Immo Call - Frost Bomb
Whirling Blades - Fortify - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic
Blasphemy - Enfeeble (Not activated, just a possibility)
Herald of Thunder - Curse on Hit - Assasins Mark
Frost Blades - Faster Attacks - Multistrike - Incr Crit Damage - WED - Added Fire
Herald of Fire
Blood Rage
Ice Golem
Vaal Haste (Incr Dura would be nice)

I can run double Herald with Hatred. I needed the Charisma nodes and another 4% from the tree. Im at 64 Mana which is enough for Blood Rage and Ice Golem. I never run out of Mana with Frost Blades.


Power Charge (Frenzy Charge is good too i guess

If you have ideas for improvement, I'm glad to hear them!

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Updated with a Video and a bit more structure.
Another Update.

I can now run: Hatred, HErald of Ash, Herald of Lightning.
I also went for Curse on Hit - Herald of Lightning - Assasins Mark instead of using Assasins Mark in Blasphemy. I barely get into Melee range so it often felt wasted.

Enfeeble Blasphemy isan option too, but right now i dont feel like i need it. But i can always swap it in.

e/ Also tried Belly of the Beast, but it "only" gives me 200 more life, less res, less armour. Not sure if it is worth investing 4 ex into it
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I had one as Raider to 85 in BHC

I had frenzy generation with Herald of Ice + Ice Bite + Culling Strike.
I took Charisma near Vaal Pact so I could run Haste + Herald of Ice + Blasphemy Assassins Mark.

I went for double Ewar's tho, I had 45k DPS with 3 power + 3 Frenzy + Osnlaught.

Just ideas ...
Does lion's roar affect both components of frost blades?
IGN: Arlianth
Check out my LA build: 1782214
hi, great post, 1 q, how u deal with int on ur build???
Hi .
My opinion about ur boots.

Brinerot are extremely good for CI/LL Version of this build the 45% dmg is sexy yeah but consider that; the projectile portion of frostblade can and must ne ignored due to bosses.
The Problem comes when facing bosses like Palace dominus or Kaom in Abyss they are , in my experiece a good example of dps check for neglected skills , such like frostblades ,wildsrike,flicker ; mostly melee builds that relay entirely into frenzy generation, chain,secondary effects.Why is the projectile portion of frostblade not useful into a deep dps calculation . Because is useless .easy no? The melee portion of frostblade is way more inportant vs bosses so, for example i do prefer using a rare boots ,atziri step slink boots, darkray vectors , because they actually give more effective dps than brinerot (yes clear speed is nicer no doubt with brinerot) but when facing bosses the projectile dmg is not taken into count, because it happen after u hit ur First target; the only benefit is probably on über trio pr normal trio but is just one fight.On The other side we have darkray vectors potentially +2 frenzy wich give 8%more dmg this dmg increases ur effective dps of ur initial hit, when u want some cool ignote dmg and ur attack speed ,adding more or less 1-1,25 attacks and they give dodge per frenzy charges ( as raider is a no brainer).The second option is blood dance legacy version/non legacy same stuff but "just"+1 frenzy , and life regen is useful if ur not using VP; the third option is atziti boots ,those are good for guardians,spellcaster bosses ,,and generally the Best choice for a defensive setup.Not saying brinerot are vendor stuff but 45% increase dmg is just one roll on a belt mothing really special ; id rather take the elemental dmg mode at shadow statt and scion start( scio wheel gives ele dmg reflect protection useless yeah but it's an option).

This is just my opinion .this is not how u MUST do a frostblade build just ,a personal preference:)
Knowledge is power. Guard it well ,Blood Ravens.
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