Presence of chayula Scaling with ES incorrectly

With a presence of chayula equipped, If I equip a +12 intel jewel, I am gaining 44 energy shield.

With the same exact equipement on and no necklace equipped, When I equip the +12 intel jewel again I gain 59 ES. 3% MORE energy shield than what I was gaining with the presence of chayula equipped. It would appear that the presence of chayula subtracts intel modifiers to intelligence.
If anything I should gain MORE energy shield WITH presence of chayula because it grants 16 to all attributes. Well, atleast mine did.

(this information is coming from a conversation I had with another exile who just wanted to know why he was getting less ES from his eye of chayula than he was gaining from flat ES i.e. He was getting a 3.7 multiplier on his gear from ES but only gaining 2.7 multiplier from his eye of chayula. AND 20% of his life was More life than the eye of chayula was reserving.)

Edit: The intel modifier change appears to be normal with potential thresholds onthe scaling and rounding with the multipliers there. However the presence of chayula should still be applying the same multipler. if my 243 ES boots gives 900 ES and no stats, then my 600 reserved life should grant more than 1500 energy shield.
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summary: my character has a 3.7x es multiplier from int+gear+skilltree combined, however the ~580 life removed are only converted to ~1480 energy shield(instead of ~2150) which is a ~2.55x multiplier as opposed to 3.7x

i couldnt confirm the negative int scaling after looking into it some more (it seems to be due to some awkward rounding), however the initial issue remains:

using presence of chayula subtracts ~580 life and adds ~1480 energy shield on my character, implying a roughly 2.5-2.6 es multiplier.
changes my es by 904, doing so while having chayula equipped changes it by 911 (due to int implicit on chayula). 904 divided by 243 is 3.72 which matches the amount of es i should have from gear/skilltree/int.

further adding a vivid jewel increases my energy shield while chayula is equipped but not when it isnt. the difference between the expected energy shield gained and the actual gain is 670 which seems too big for a mere rounding issue.

Please review how Conversion works: The Life to ES conversion applies to your base life, then the converted ES is affected by both increased life and increased ES additively, because increased modifiers are additive with each other.

What you seem to be expecting is that the conversion applies to already increased life, and then increased ES would apply on top of that, i.e. that increased life is multiplicative with increased ES, which is not the case.

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