Morphyne's Ignite Vortex Totems [SC/HC Viable]


What's up ladies and gentlemen. I'm back once again with another Chieftain totem build, but this time I wanted to focus on fast clearing and tankyness so that we can run hardcore maps much safer and without any issues with breaches. The idea of this build is to focus on three types of damage. Ignite, initial hit damage from Vortex, and the damage over time effect that vortex keeps around after it has been casted. Our main focus(since this build does not crit) is to build as much ignite chance as we can, on top of gaining spell damage, fire damage, burn damage, and totem damage which will all buff the damage of ignite. Also the addition of vortex's damage over time effect, enemies burn down to nothing in just a matter of seconds and the map clearing speed is top notch. It's by far one of my favorite builds and I hope you see why.

- Fast Clearing Speed
- Pretty damn tanky, 194% Life from passives alone.
- Great Mobility since all we're really doing is placing totems and standing out of bad stuff.
- Extremely cheap if need be, payed only 10c HC for all my gear.
- No worries about reflect damage, even to our totems since they will be fire immune.
- Uses EE to lower enemy resists to deal tons of damage.

- Chain in maps is a very dangerous mod for us and can be potentially rippy if standing next to totems.
- Dexterity is an issue and will be required in order to run certain gems.
- Certain bosses like Atziri and Phoenix Guardian will be nearly impossible to kill due to ignite immunities.
- A fairly slow start until about level 40 so wouldn't really recommend as a league starter.

Mandatory Uniques


The only real mandatory unique in this build. It's the easiest way to convert all of our cold damage to fire damage to achieve ignites. Has a low cost so use it asap when we get our totem setup running.

Reccommended Uniques


A Doryani's Catalyst is quite pricey, I do not possess one at the moment, but the damage is unreal for this build. The potential of getting 100% elemental damage would make your ignites deal a hell of alot of damage. Running this with a good Armor rating shield or even dual wielding(lol) would be a great pair.

Not my reccomended route for gear, but if you're using a great two-handed staff for spell dmg properties, this would be a great choice. Very tanky and the nice little bit of fire damage helps as well. 'Nuff said.

Although the +2 to fire gems won't be a huge improvement since we're using vortex, the other stats make this staff a great choice if you're strapped for cash. It would also be a good choice if you're running a Kaom's Heart as well.

A great leveling ring. I'm still using it due to the nice 10% chance to ignite and the bit of fire damage that it offers. Costs nothing as well so that's always a plus.

As chieftain, we will be taking passives as follows: Ngamahu > Hinekora > Arohongui > Tukohama

We take Ngamahu first as a faster way to level up. The damage increase will carry you through cruel and Merciless very quickly. Hinekora is a great ascendancy passive clearly for the fire leech and the fire pen. The last two are mainly for beefing up your totems and making them immune to fire reflect and cause some extra damage as reflected life.

Passive tree

Leveling Tips
- The best way off the start fresh from level 1 is to run a two handed set up and go from there. It's the easiest way to offer damage without taking forever to clear trash.
- Pick up a Warchief or Protector totem while you level since we will be grabbing totem damage on the way to Ancestral Bond.
- Once you have made your way to Ancestral Bond which should be around level 35ish, You can now fully run your Vortex totem setup. *Note* It will be a little slow since we don't have a lot of fire damage and totem damage so it's up to you whether or not you'd like to stick the the two handed weapon setup.
- After we achieve level 60, this build gets nasty on damage. Clearing to maps from Cruel nearly took me an hour of play time. The rest is up to you. Be safe!

Main Setup

Spell Totem > Vortex > Controlled Destruction > Conc. Effect/Increased AoE > Fire Pen. > Rapid Decay


Lightning Orb > Curse On Hit > Flammability > Vulnerability

Second Form of Damage

Searing Bond > Controlled Destruction > Elemental Focus > Rapid Decay

Defensive Setup

Cast When Damage Taken > Immortal Call > Increased Duration > Vaal Lightning Trap


Leap Slam > Faster Attacks > Fortify


Arctic Armor

Coming Soon!

To conclude this build up, it was a lot of fun to make. I hope everyone gets as much joy out of it as I did. If you'd like to make a comment, compliment, criticism, ect. I'm always open to you guys leaving it down below and I'll get back with you asap. As you can see the build isn't fully done quite yet, but I was too excited not to post it. Later on I will update the Gear setup section and yes, there will be videos. So keep you all posted, stay safe out there!

Scorching Ray Totem Build

Arctic Breath Elementalist Build
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How did this go? Any vids?

Strange you say catalyst is expensive then suggest Kaom's heart.... catalyst is only 4c atm, so maybe it dropped a lot since then?

What kind of tooltip were you able to get?
How did this go? Any vids?

Strange you say catalyst is expensive then suggest Kaom's heart.... catalyst is only 4c atm, so maybe it dropped a lot since then?

What kind of tooltip were you able to get?

This build was published awhile back and as you can see there wasn't a lot of comments since then so thank you for the recent questions. Yes, a catalyst would be a good choice if you would want to pair it with a good 6-link rare chest. I only suggested a kaom's heart if you were going to stick with a +3 rare staff or a cheaper scenario would be 6-linking the Searing Touch staff. Since then the price of a Catalyst has dramatically dropped, (Beginning of Breach league HC). I wasn't able to calculate the tool tip damage at the time since I did not run path of building back in the day, we never would of known the full power of it. I did however manage to clear all the way to T12 maps, down Atziri and a couple of Breach lords till I died and decided to move onto bigger and better things. However, this build is still a lot of fun and planning on going back and trying it again very soon!

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