The Grinding Gear Games team is still growing and we're looking for a few new people to fill some positions we have available! We have a Senior Visual Effects Artist position that is open to international candidates and we're also looking for a Linux Server Administrator and Customer Support team members from New Zealand.

Senior Visual Effects Artist:

Grinding Gear Games is looking for a senior effects artist to create evocative visual effects in the 'dark and gritty' Path of Exile. You will develop real-time effects from concept to implementation and work to maintain a consistent aesthetic across all of the effects in the game. The ideal candidate has a firm grasp of color, texture, timing and impact as relates to FX and demonstrates an ability to sketch and storyboard to convey design ideas.


  • Several years of experience creating visceral and satisfying impact and spell FX for games.
  • Superior eye for lighting, value, color, details, and the ability to use them in creating efficient and impactful visual effects.
  • Self-motivation, excellent communications skills, and able to work within a team.
  • Positive attitude and able to receive and provide objective feedback.
  • Passion for creating 'dark and gritty' spells and microtransactions.
  • A passion for games.
  • Portfolio, and/or reel demonstrating relevant artistic skills required.
  • Must be willing to complete an art test if requested to do so.
Job Status: Full-Time
Open to: International Candidates
Apply to:
Location: Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand

Linux Server Administrator

Grinding Gear Games is looking for a Linux Server Administrator to join our server administration team at our office in Auckland, New Zealand.

Requirements - experience with the following technology:

  • Linux server administration (3 years minimum experience).
  • Assembling computer hardware and diagnosing hardware faults.
  • SQL database administration experience.
  • Configuration management (e.g. puppet, chef, etc.)
  • Monitoring systems (e.g. zabbix, nagios, etc).
  • Continuous integration (e.g. buildbot).
  • Scripting and automation.
  • Reasonable familiarity with bash, python and SQL.
  • Willing to be on call on rotation.

Experience with the following is helpful:

  • Zabbix
  • Puppet
  • Buildbot
  • Postgresql
  • Berkeley DB
  • C++
  • PHP

Job Status: Full-Time
Location: Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand
Open to: People who are already legally allowed to work in New Zealand without an additional work visa application.
Apply to:

Customer Support

Grinding Gear Games is searching for full time Support Staff to handle a wide variety of customer service-related tasks. This role involves moderating in-game chat and our forums, as well as assisting customers via email and private message. We offer 24/7 support, which means shifts are not typical office hours.


  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Highly organised and hard working
  • Ability to multitask and prioritise work when required
  • Excellent computer and technical skills
  • Seeking a long term position
  • Previous Customer Service experience
  • Experience with online games
  • An interest in Path of Exile

You must have your own transport. Please only apply if you currently live in New Zealand.

Job Status: Full-Time
Location: Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand
Apply to:
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Grinding Gear Games
As a freelance tech recruiter in real life I would be more than happy to help with the hiring!
Only NZ???

I'll spread the good word.
You still need to fill that space in Balance Coordinator
Ign: Shaavu
GGG please hire more Balance team! Please!
Heist Master Craft Service in Heist My IGN TreeOfDead Vouch
Heist Masters 8 level Crafting All Service all crafts mods
Best Heist SC Master Craft Service Heist SC in HSC craft!
Master Crafting Service in Heist HSC craft PM: TreeOfDead
too bad it's just NZ, lot's of support experience in the US, with regular hours.
Vizionkore wrote:
too bad it's just NZ, lot's of support experience in the US, with regular hours.

Indeed, I have years of experience and would love to work for GGG.
Support a free Hong Kong.

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