[2.5.2] Windz's Cyclone Pathfinder (Mapper, Shaper, Uber lab Viable)


High budget build (meant to be mid league type of build due to expensive flask/gears)


I wanted to make a build using disfavour as I have never played one. This build can be done with other 2hand weapons like rares and starforge

How does this build work?

It uses a lot of unique flasks to give massive chaos damage

With pathfinder ascendancy + alchemist nodes on tree you get 50% flask effectiveness.

Atziris promise * 150% = 3% chaos leech + 37.5% physical damage as extra chaos damage

Sin's Rebirth * 150% = 45% physical damage as extra chaos damage
(Yes it does scale with flask effectiveness)

Force shaper (tree passive) = 5% physical damage as extra chaos damage

Total = 87.5% physical damage as extra chaos damage

100% chance to poison during flask effect based on your phy + chaos damage.


lvl 94 (current): poeurl.com/1Ff

lvl 83: poeurl.com/1Fg

lvl 75: poeurl.com/1Fh

pre CI: poeurl.com/1Fi


Kill / Kraiten or kill / Kill



Note: Can use rare 2hand weapon (bonus if you can get +2 range crafted) or even starforge. Bleed doesn't do much damage.

Death's door is great for the str requirement of disfavour also being immune to bleed.

You have no room for flask suffixes because of 4 unique flasks + quicksilver for movmeent speed, so deaths door saves you from using staunching flask.

Skyforth is another option for stun immunity (mana pool ~ 1.9-2k = almost 10k life stun treshold) but you need to grab a staunching flask.


Note: Prioritize resist and ES over flat phys damage

Get any useful enchants on your helm. I had to settle with lightning golem buff effect (+13.5 attack speed)

Grab at least 2 pieces with accuracy (recommend 3)


VERY CRUCIAL you are flask finder after all!

Remember they are 50% increased effect



= 45% aoe

Boss (shaper, atzirir, lab etc) :


Use kiaras determination if you dont have any stun immunities (drop witchfire or dying sun)


Put Energy from within near Melding cluster

Note: Look for double dipping + attack speed first.

Area damage

Attack speed with axe (or the weapon type you are using)
Attack speed with two hand melee weapon

Last prop can be utility for example:

+2 Mana gained on hit (not needed at all due to high mana pool + mana leech from duelist)
Chaos damage

anything you think can be beneficial but only 3 prop jewels are needed.


Master Herbalist --> Nature's Boon --> Master Alchemist --> Nature's Adrenaline


Weapon 5/6 link:

Cyclone + Melee Phys + Melee Phys on Full Life + Faster Attacks + Inc AoE/Conc + Fort

Chest 5/6link:

4 off colour is all you need (I somehow got 5 off before I got 4 off)

Ancestral warchief + Melee phys + Bloodlust + Conc effect + Faster attacks + Added chaos (if blue) or Melee phys on full life (if red)

Inc duration + Vaal disc + Vaal Haste + Vaal Lightning Trap


Leap slam + fort + faster attacks


Grace (just for defense. Can use hatred if you want)
Lightning Golem (Using it more because of my helm enchant)

Gem discussion:

Hatred instead of grace for more damage. You can shatter mobs because of 20% chance to free with Master Alchemist node.

Use added chaos gem on your AW totem if you have 4 off colours on your regalia.


Lvl like a typical 2hander.

Limbsplit --> geofris --> rare lvl 40 or cauteriser --> ngahamu's flame/marohi/kaoms primacy --> disfavour

Sunder --> EQ/cyclone

Use added chaos gem at lvl 31

PRO/CON VS Other weapons

Disfavour vs. Starforge

Bleed (not really much damage though)
+2 gems if using added chaos (lvl 20 --> 22)
Can use ele damage auras from support/party or from Head Hunter Buffs
It's an axe and has a cool 3D art (Kappa)

Maybe less phys damage?

Disfavour vs. Rare 2hand

Easier to aim for. Getting a better 2hander is rare/expensive

Maybe less damage vs 630+ pdps rare 2hand with +2 weapon range

Other Ascendencies


Life based so you can use snake bite for "free" poison and use Perseverance belt for onslaught.


Life based
Can't use too many unique flasks due to life pot + no status immunity (need of Heat at least)


Shaper kill:


T11 Strand:


Inc aoe:

No Buffs:

Flasks only:

Lightning golem + WC totem + flasks:

Conc Effect:

No Buffs:

Flasks only:

Lightning golem + WC totem + flasks:


Is this better than ngahamu?

Honestly I dont know. Ngahamu looks solid and clear just as well. Smaller aoe but maybe better dps with good gear.

Why CI?

Besides life being technically better than ES (meme)

CI with vaal pact makes tanking a lot more comfortable. Also allows you to get a 6link wc totem instead of using kaoms.

Def can do it with life but maybe raider might be a better choice then.

*Thanks to MoarPizza for the template*
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