[2.5] *Work in Progress* Quad-Golem Incinerate CWC Discharge

So, after playing a variation of the trendy new golemancers earlier this league (Breach), I wanted to step outside my comfort zone, take some hipster crazy pills and use the wealth I'd accumulated to make a pointless but extremely satisfying build that is coming together pretty decently so far.


First of all:

Started this all by wanting to do *something* with Incinerate.

One of the most enjoyable builds in my POE career was a Cybil's Paw RF Max Block Incinerator back in 2.0. I didn't want to handcuff myself to a pure Incinerate build these days, and wanted to experiment with the new Cast when Channeling gem.

One of my other favorite builds is the classic fakener COC Discharge, and have played that many times, including a Cospri's build that was enjoyable during Essence league.

Who the hell doesn't like goin' "Boom Boom" ??

With a bunch of other late-night bad ideas of mine, decided to investigate and see if the new Golem primordial jewels could be utilized to give some respectable buffs to make a viable build without conceding too much and not being lazy -- aka killing stuff ourself. Didn't want to go Grand Spectrum, and may try to eventually try variations of this same concept (including Pain Attunement/LL with Shavs) if there is interest.

The build itself is socket starved and there are likely better ways to do what I am attempting to accomplish, but I'm still technically leveling as I'm only LVL 80 as of today and have not yet done uber lab.

How it works

Lots of mechanics in this build, and especially for newer players -- may not be the easiest to follow along with. Bare with me!

It combines the movement ability Shield Charge to zip around between packs, you start incinerating and generating power charges aaaand then Discharge kicks in. Elementalist power kicks in. Things die quickly. Press flasks as needed and voila, there's something here that resembles a build. Kind of. Also, the golems clean up anything that doesn't die instantly to the 'Boom Boom'

Because we are using the new Primordial Jewels released in patch 2.5 , and because of the Elementalist ascendancy node "Liege of the Primordial", it was the perfect place to start for a former Golemancer who wanted to be the one dealing all (or most) of the damage.

I'm using an Anima Stone (+1 golem, +2 golems if three other primordial jewels are equipped) 2x Harmonies and 3x Eminences for a total of 4 golems .

LoTP node gives "40% increased damage when you have a golem of that type"
Perfect. Discharge with multiple charge types
40% inc fire damage with fire golem
40% inc cold damage with ice golem
40% inc lightning damage with lightning golem
40% inc chaos damage with chaos golem

But discharge doesn't do chaos by itself. Had to fix that.

Dug out a Consuming Dark dagger from my stash -- which is converting 30% of my fire damage to chaos damage, including poisoning enemies that I damage. Free poison and utilizing both ignite and poison damage in one build? Sign me up. That's what really got me motivated to investigate this further.

Decided to dust off that Pyre ring in my stash for 100% cold to fire damage conversion. So 30% of my cold damage is now also eventually converted to chaos. Awesome.

Stack as many potential charges and figure out a way to get 'em.

Since incinerate doesn't crit, and I'm well familiar with builds using Discharge in the past, Power and Endurance charges aren't a problem. Romira's Banquet ring to generate endless power charges and Voll's Devotion to convert these to Endurance charges. But how to get frenzies?

Using the new 2.5 unique 'The Green Dream' on the templar jewel socket side of the tree, as well as an "intuitive leap" jewel used by the 'Melding' notable between Witch and Shadow, I'm able to get 20% chance to gain a frenzy charge on kill, as well as 10% chance to gain an Endurance, Power or Frenzy charge on kill from the 'Overcharged' notable, that is otherwise locked behind conduit. Seems to be okay thus far.

Golem Buffs

Will update this when I can, but I have also incorporated an enchantment giving me 150% buff effectiveness of Lightning Golem. Combined with 3 'Primordial Eminence' jewels and the 'Liege' Elementalist passive, that's 340% buff effectiveness of that little guy alone.

That means I get 30.6% increased cast/attack speed, and the faster I cast, the faster I can generate the power charges I need to get some juicy discharges to go off.

Similarly, all other golems that I'm using (Fire, Cold, Chaos) receive 190% buff effectiveness in total.

Since this is a work in progress, and after I see how things develop as I level, may post the other numbers to give visual reference to how strong of a buff each little guy gives ya.

Gem setup thus far

6L- Incinerate- Cast when channeling - Added Chaos- Discharge - Empower (lvl 4) - Inc AOE *or* Concentrated Effect
4L- Fire Golem, Ice Golem, Lightning Golem, Minion Speed (since I have no open jewelry slots to craft minion speed on a piece and they really don't ever die, figured it'd be nice if they can keep up with me!)
4L- (in Insanity gloves granting 16% more cast/attack speed) Shield Charge - Faster attacks - Fortify - Chaos Golem
4L- (2 2Ls)
2L- Cast when Damage Taken - immortal Call
2L- Spell totem - Wither
3L- Blasphemy - Warlord's Mark - Vaal Discipline
3L- Arctic Armour - Discipline - Enlighten

Gear at the moment

Will also post my jewels when I update this again soon.



-Fast-paced (albeit not optimized at the moment)
-A good currency sink for end of the league/ last reroll character ... aka a money pit ... to a build not yet verified viable against Shaper and Guardians. (Will update once getting there) Guess that will also go in the cons....lol
-Hipster build level almost unchartered
-Not quite sure if Mors actually did this exact build first
-Decently meme-worthy mechanical combinations that is overall very satisfying to play (so far)


-Absolutely way too expensive to begin to recommend for any 'new' or 'budget' player. While I'm not going to say it is 'Cheap' as some mirror-item build guides for Standard league say --> for a temporary league, it's definitely out of control. With a 6L 840 regalia, 500+ es shield, Level 4 Empower, Voll's Devotion corrupted with +1 Frenzy, Death's Door boots, Dying Sun, Kiara's, Green Dream and the golem jewels....yeah, a bit overboard. Oh, and if I could manage to get my hands on skyforth, I might remake the build from scratch as that would allow me to go full crit spec without Romira's and may switch out of incinerate entirely.

-On the same token, this utilizes Elemental Overload, and is not a crit build (yet)

-Mana issues. I purchased an already partially leveled 20% qual incinerate, and making it level 1 would help tremendously. Just haven't fixed it and been chugging Mana pots consistently. FeelsBadMan

- Could easily go Scorching Ray - CWC - Firestorm with Chaos conversion and have an overall better , more reliable and considerably cheaper build that is proven to be at end-game. That is great and all, but the whole purpose of this build is to do something different AND incorporate several of my old favorite builds into a fresh and different take.

- Seriously, if you want to do a CWC build, go the SR-CWC-FS route.

Videos, tree, etc will follow soon, but wanted to at least get this started so I could chart the build progression as I moved into higher and higher level content.

Again, I know that there really isn't much point in playing this build if you have efficiency, or meta on the brain/agenda. This is just to hopefully demonstrating the power of some new items and a different way of thinking.

Any feedback, criticism welcome -- Just don't want to have to be explaining to folks that I'm not doing this believing that it's going to be earth shattering.

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not interest at all
so u need at least 4 slot jewel to have 4 golem, which increase 40% for each dmg type u get
in total combine it a worst slot to waste bro

your discharge deal 1000 fire, 1000 cold, 1000 lightning, 1000 chaos dmg
with 4 golem u can make total 1400 fire, 1400 cold, 1400 lightning, 1400 chaos dmg

but with 4 slot jewel which just only 1 mod is 12% area dmg
4jewel is 48% area, which will boost your discharge dmg by
1480 fire, 1480 cold, 1480 lightning, 1480 chaos

just focus in one dmg and make it highest possible instead try rainbow dmg because with rainbow dmg u lack penetrates ele dmg which is very importal at high end map

and why u using pyre?
pyre convert all your fire dmg to cold dmg
but with your discharge, u have no cold dmg since u dont have any frenzy charge...
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Hey man, I appreciate the feedback and the perspective you've offered. Definitely had me checking a few things this morning.

Wanted to clarify a few things at least because I haven't totally linked or mapped out everything regarding the build , yet .

I do actually have frenzies in my discharge -- using the Green Dream unique jewel (socketed on templar side, with Faith and Steel & Elementalist notables) giving me 20% on kill to generate a frenzy, as well as 10% to generate ANY type of charge on kill from Overcharged notable (behind Conduit). It's not nearly as good as the Voll's/Romira's combo for sheer reliability, but since it's converted completely to fire (and then to 30% chaos from there) , it does actually give a notable boost in the discharge damage...but I'm still testing and tinkering as time goes on.

Have also toyed with the idea of unspeccing from vaal pact and going more of a regen/RF setup with a stone golem and seeing if I could sustain blood rage, which would give me lots more frenzies but I don't think it would be too much better and worth losing instant leech (Blood rage only gives 25% chance to gain frenzy on kill when I'm 5% off that without investing in regen)

As an aside, I do have an Inquisitor in Breach league that I would like to potentially respec to see if he can pull off something similar and see where the strongest potential version of this build lies.

As far as scaling with golems, that is really the whole point, both scaling the buffs they give you AS WELL as use the Liege of the Primordial ascendancy keystone. (which gives 40% per golem)

The area damage is a good point as to how strong it is on a jewel, but , even now, 30%+ attack/ cast speed from lightning golem, ~70%+ inc crit chance from ice, 9%+ physical damage reduction from chaos golem, and 55% increased damage from the fire golem buff.

So with that said, actually achieving the benefits that they give me may possible via VERY well rolled 4prop jewels, but as I said, the whole idea is to attempt to incorporate the new Eminences to see if it could ever be worth it.

Still lots of tweaking to do, but I welcome other takes on it, because it obv allows me to see or think about things I may not otherwise have thought about.

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