The Path of Exile Talent Competition comes to a close today. This competition has been one of our most popular ever with an overwhelming number of talented submissions being entered. Tomorrow we'll be announcing the winners of the competition!

Among many other exclusive prizes, we're giving away four of the original pages created for the Path of Exile Comic. We've now selected the exclusive pages we'll be giving away and are keen to display these prizes to the community. Out of the four selected art pages, we'll be randomly assigning one page to each of the top three winners as well as one randomly selected entrant to the talent competition.

The comic art pages are totally exclusive. There is only one of each page in existence. If you are the winner of one of these four prizes you'll be taking home one of the most exclusive competition prizes in Path of Exile's history.

We are also giving away three signed Path of Exile comics. If you're interested in getting your own Path of Exile comic, both the physical and digital versions are still available. The digital comic comes in four parts and also come with the option to purchase exclusive microtransactions.

Check out the exclusive original comic page prizes below!

Best of luck to everyone who is participating in the competition!
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wow first
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wew lad
Yo those were really good.
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Darn, love black and white pics.....
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Happy Hunting Exiles.
Sweet stuff :) ... also #letUsDiableShadowsInDX11Client ... please
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Nice! i can't wait!
Very cool!
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Achilion wrote:
Sweet stuff :) ... also #letUsDiableShadowsInDX11Client ... please

WTF is "diable"?

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