Steel Ring Crafting Help

Where do i go with this?

Alt'd T1 All Resist and T2 Rarity and the Regal'd T1 Flat

80 or so Alts
4 or 5 Augs
0 Divines
7 Blessed

The Rarity is a Prefix btw, Dragon's
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i would reroll tbh, u dont want rarity and exalt it after that.

for rights i highly recom. going prefixes first - means hitting an 2nd prefix on the regal locking a suffix and ex and pray for another good pref, unless you wanna create someting es based, then u lock a prefix and craft the suffix (by using hakus prefixes cannot be changed + exalteds till u have 2 nice suffixes (the last gets a yolo ex + es%). You can also use multimod for the es version, by losing a suffix.
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