Hello, why my account was stopped right?

I have nothing to do, and somehow be stopped right, can give me a reason?
My id is (Removed By Support)
Please give me a reason Otherwise please give me unlock!
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I suggest you to contact GGG support, as no one here on forum can actually help you out with your issue, which looks like to be an account suspension of some sort, or maybe something similar to that.

Here's their email - support@grindinggear.com
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And just to add to what Chilli said...Nothing account related is ever handled via the forums. Emailing them is your only recourse.
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Ohh, and FYI...you are not entitled to any explanation or a reason for locking your account, you agreed to the ToS which allows them to ban you for anything or nothing(not that they wouldn't do it for no reason) and they won't explain why as it can help those that cheat the information to start working around their detection
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