[2.5]Non Crit HoWA CI BF Hierophant Uber Atziri down

I choose hierophant ascendancy is because it's easier to acquire 10k+ es w/o invest too much into a 6L ES chest piece (due to you will have about 3k mana, and 1/4 of that mana is added as extra flat ES). Plus, you can do no regen map, just don't stand on burning ground or spam whirling blade.

You can definitely start with raider/pathfinder and have 20%-30%+ more dps but with less ES.


Like any HoWA builds, try to have int on every gear. The int%/elemental% roll on HoWA doesn't really make that much of the difference considering the price you'd pay for a 12% roll HoWA.

For boots, some amount of ES, int, res.

For gloves, try to have one with high accuracy roll and res.

For chest, 6L with some int and res (at least 500).

For helmet, again, try to have accuracy roll and decent amount of es and some res.

For rings, int, weapon elemental damage, lightning damage to attacks, accuracy, res (you don't really need opal ring since it's really hard to have the roll you want and buy one would be super expensive).

For amulet, use eye of Chayula unless you are willing to acquire a Skyforth.

For belt, crystal belt or belt with some es and res. Weapon elemental damage if possible.


I use one Fertile Mind (convert dex into int).
Check my profile for where to put it.

The rest is just generic attack speed, lightning damage, res, etc jewels.


Try to get a
for better leech. The attack damage or penetration one is definitely better. Or just get a Atziri's Promise Flask.

My flask:

Gem links:


Wrath, Discipline, Herald of Thunder.

You will need enlighten level 3 + one 4% less mana reserved point from the tree to run all three auras.


Skill point ---> Attack speed ---> Skill point


My stats:


My current gear:


Uber Atziri:
Sorry about the clicking sound. I forgot to turn the mic off.
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Interesting concept, but sadly Hierophant doesnt give 25% of your mana as flat es..

It only converts the flat mana to flat es, what would be around 1500.
All increases to mana will result in final es.
So if you have 100% increased mana and 1500 base mana and 300% increased es, it would result in:
1500x0.25=375 flat es -> x4 (300% inc) -> 1500 es ----- so the other 1500 mana (you gain fron 100 inc mana) result only in 375 es and cant be scaled.

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