[2.5] Scorching Ray Juggernaut 10xgrand spectrum Scold Bridle Video EngGame Bosses+Atziri

Hello guys, it's my first experiment with Scorching Ray :)


Some screen :P

Ok, the idea was to get perma immortal call thanks to juggernaut ascendancy and Scolde Bridle helmet. You can easy understand the mechanics looking at gear and tree. The Kingsguard is for the 100 life when immortal call proc. (Using 10xgrand spectrum)
The build need some improvements, it's my first try. I'll appreciate your tips in future to improve build :)

Bandits: life/cast speed/endurance charge
Ascendancy: Unrelenting/Unbreakable/Unyielding or Unstoppable if u don't use meele movment skill.
Stats:5.2k hp / 33k degen full buffed / 90% phys mitigation with endurance and flask up


Enjoy ^.^

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