How does weapon range interact with melee skills

Is Cyclone still one of the only skill that weapon range affect ?

I'd like to know how blade flurry and weapon range interact if they do .

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I assume that weapon range affects skills like Cleave, Dual Strike, Sweep, etc, but I'm not positive (and I mean... unless you are Hege, who plays that stuff :P)
Melee skill either uses weapon range or has base AoE independent on it

cleave, sweep, blade flurry, ground slam, sunder, etc have set radius
cyclone and vengeance are the only melee AoE skills based on weapon range
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alright thanks for that
Thanks. Info is still accurate after 3.0? Iam enchanted my weapon +2 weapon range and not see any different with "sunder" and "leap slam". Waste regals ...
Sunder and Leap Slam both do not utilize Weapon Range.
Only things that use weapon range atm are namelocking melee skills (the 'glorified default attack' skills), cyclone, vengeance, and both the ancestral totems.

Really it's mostly cyclone that actually cares all that much.
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