[2.5] Two-hand Axe Slayer needs help pushing into endgame

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to post my 2hand Slayer build and get some feed back on it. I have been fairly successful. I am doing t10 maps reasonably well. Some spikes in damage hurt but if I am paying attention and keep my endurance charges up I am never really dying.

I am not at home so I can't get screenshots but I currently have around 5200-5300 health and 15k armor. With punishment, ancestral protector and my buffs on I get around 90k dps.

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve my build further. I think I have optimized my passive tree fairly well and that my gear is fairly decent. I know I could improve in jewelry and gloves.

I would like to be doing breach lords and push further into endgame but I just dont seem to kill fast enough or tanky enough to sit there heal through their damage. (which is fair that I should have to deal with boss mechanics)

Gem Links
Main Damage Skill: Double Strike - Added fire - Melee Physical - Multi Strike - fortify + free melee splash from Kativa's

I use the following to help draw some aggro and to buff my attack speed on bosses.
Ancestral protector - Faster Attacks - melee physical - Blind - Fortify

I use a higher leveled CwDT but debating about using a lower version.
CwdT - Blood Rage - Molten Shell - Increased duration

I manually cast Punishment and Enduring cry to keep my endurance charges up. I am debating just dropping Flame golem since it seems to die on every boss/breach fight and opt for CwDT and punishment.

As for Auras, I run a free Arctic Armor thanks to my chest, Grace and herald of ash.

Current Gear

Bandits: Oak, Kraityn, Oak

Passive Tree at Level 85

I really like the theme of a 2 hand slayer leaping around life stealing with a big axe and I thought I was doing well in damage until I saw on forums of people getting 500k-1mil dps and killing breach lords in seconds haha. I know I wont be able to attain that with my build but I still want to keep with it see how far I can take it.

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2 hand melee builds usually use the same skill tree pretty much, only thing you can do is to probably try other skills(like EQ) but I can understand why you'd wanna use a skill that can utilize the melee splash in the weapon
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Yeah I was thinking if I ever got my hands on an Atziri's Disfavour to go either earthquake or cyclone I suppose. Would that be better than a 7 link in Kativa's? I just don't know what a good gem would be WED? there isn't much to increase physical damage. If I go EQ there are the AoE gems I could use but not too much for pure melee attacks sadly I think.

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