2.5 LL flameblast ( Need help with tree and gear )

Hey i'm currently trying to make a LL flameblast elementalist but i need help with the tree and gearwise.

The unique id use would be:

Presence of Chayula Onyx Amulet
Shavronne's Wrappings Occultist's Vestment
Doryani's Catalyst

Tree so far.

Need help on the tree

I would also run allt he purity skill with disc and clarity.
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Sorry for my bad English.



Come on, I really think Flame blast builds are better with Chaos innoculation for two reasons, immune to chaos damage and more Energy shield, I believe that blast low life is not a good alternative as it would be very expensive to do.

But you would probably do more damage, there are not really a lot of auras you can use to fuel flame blast damage, because usually in current builds you only use one aura and two curses, the maximum you can do is put Anger along with To discipline and use two curses, Temp chains and flammability with the blasphemy.

Spell Damage does not scale as well as elemental damage or Fire damage, so it's not so good to get those points on the skilltree.

Let's gear, if you see that you can play both curses and two auras without problems you can use a Hubris Circlet normally, if you see that you will have problems with the curses a Heretic's Veil is a good, glove, boots, shield , Belt and
Rings are the standards of energy shield, Good ES and Resistance.

The Scepter a Doryani's Catalyst with a high elemental damage is already great, you can use two this will give a boost on your damage.
But only if you have a good energy shield 8k + is already good.

The amulet you can use the standard ES builds an Eye of Chayula or, if you know how to control your Flasks well use a Ngamahu Tiki and a Flask Kiara's Determination not to take stun while casting your Flame blast.

I think it's just that, I'm really sorry for my English I'm from Brazil. ;)
If you have any questions you can call me in the game, I'll be happy to help.
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