Weird calculation error, or I am blind.

Pls check out my Character and gear. Lvl 89 SRSmuesli Summoner witch

I wore an eye of chayula, which reduces my max life by 20%. With the absolute exact gear (excpt for 1 more strengh now) I could use all my auras and have 2 life left WIHTOUT the 3rd life/es node next to Written in blood.

Then I upgraded my eye of chayula into a presence of chayula with 16 all stats instead of 15. And suddenly I have 2 life less. But it still eats up 20% max life. So there should actually be no difference. like I said, I have 111 str with eye and now 112 with presence. And I had less max life with presence than with eye of chayula resuting in just 44 life instead of 46 (without the additional life/es node) wich meant I could not use BM clarity lvl 1.

Is reduced and converted somhow different in calculating its outcome?

And yes I switched zones to town, so my life actually resets to its max. value.


>absolute exact gear
>With eye of chayula, 111 str, no extra life/es node = 2 life left after reserving = Clarity lvl 1 bm aura, 2 life left
>with presence of chayula, 112 str, no extra life/es node = 0 life = no clarity lvl 1 bm aura
Last bumped on Dec 29, 2016, 4:26:05 PM
By the rules for conversions, the percentage to convert is applied to the base value, and modifiers are applied afterwards (so that increased mods for source and target are additive). This means that the life lost to the conversion is not additive with increased/decreased life nodes, but multiplicative; effectively it causes you to have 20% less life, as opposed to the 20% reduced life of Eye of Chayula.

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