[2.5] CI Varunastra Spectral Throw WIP

Currently attempting to create a CI ST Varunastra Assassin. Before jumping in too deep, I'd love some feedback, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc.

Current Tree Idea

Current 5L and 6L Idea
5L: ST, Crit Dmg, Crit Strikes, Faster Attacks, GMP
6L: ST, Crit Dmg, Crit Strikes, Faster Attacks, GMP, Phys to Lightning

Other Links
Whirling Blades, Fortify, Blood Magic, Faster Attacks
Hatred, Blood Rage, Summon Ice Golem
Cast When Damage Taken, Increased Duration, Immortal Call, Vaal Haste
Curse on Hit Support, Herald of Ash, Assassin's Mark

Crit Chance
[(5% base + 2.5% power charges + 1.9% Crit Strikes Supp) x (1 + 515% nodes + 250% power charges + 30% Ice Golem + 108% Crit Strikes Supp @20% quality)] + 9% assassin's mark = 95% crit chance cap

Crit Multiplier
150% base + 279% nodes + 40% power charges + 118% Crit Dmg Supp @20% quality + 20% assassin's mark = 607% crit multiplier

Major Positives
1. No need for crit chance on gear, freeing up space for other things
2. Near constant stream of Poison
3. CI, GR, VP trio of bullshit
4. Near-permanent Chill/Freeze, Ignite, and Shock
5. 1.6% phys life leech base
6. Can swap out gloves to Atziri's Acuity once rich, freeing 4 points on tree

Major Concerns
1. No +% projectile damage or +% projectile speed
2. Spread too thin? (crit, DoT, ES, Varunastra-happy nodes)
3. Lots of traveling in tree; could it be more point efficient?
4. Mediocre attack speed and accuracy
5. No bonus frenzy charges
6. Only 2 Jewel Slots and they're both dedicated to Energy from Within
7. Not enough ES?
8. Requires at the bare minimum +49 STR on gear to wield Varunastra
9. Destroyed by Phys. Reflect and Ele Reflect (though can manage against ele reflect by removal of buffs + gem)

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? Criticisms? I appreciate any and all help yall are willing to offer.
Last bumped on Jan 1, 2017, 2:56:54 PM
I was looking for a varunastra CI build too, am gonna try your build, look good to me but am no expert

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