Need advice on Cyclone build.

Pretty much new to Path of Exile, so I have been following this guide up to level 66:

My gear is a mess, so I am interested in improving this Cyclone build or change to another one if possible, I have 5 Orbs of Regret but can buy more.

My Skill Tree:

My gear:

I have about 18 Chaos Orbs to spend but can acquire a few more to fit the needs.
Just keep in mind that I am willing to change to another "better" build if possible.
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Lifting's guides are usually sound ... however, you have reached a point now where a 5-link setup is quite mandatory or you will hit a brick wall.

Cheapest 5L Kaom's Primacy costs 25c in Breach, I see some 6L Golden Plate for as little as 20c. Either or both of these items will carry you a loong way.

Lose the helmet and Lightning Coil for now and make sure your resistances are capped. Replace The Magnate with Meginord's for more life and damage or use some decent Sash with life and resistances (and possible Weapon Elemental Damage).

Get jewelry with added physical damage, life and resistances.
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