Intimidation, HC League Based guild Recruiting! [NA]


Intimidation is a small guild I just recently started recruiting for.
The guild used to be for just close friends and I but I have wanted to
start recruiting more players for some time now and have decided to finally
do so and will be setting up a discord for the guild aswell.

We are a guild for Hardcore League players based in North America
whom can speak fluent english,
I am really just looking for players who are active and
wont quick after the first 2 weeks of a league. The guild is also
open to newer and older players alike so don't be afraid
to answer these questions truthfully if you would like to join.

(Feel free to answer the questions either in the Post or a PM to me)

1. How long have you been playing Path of Exile?
2. Is Path of Exile the first ARPG you've played?
(If not please let me know some others you have played)
(Examples: Grim Dawn, Titan Quest or Diablo etc.)
3.What kind of content do you enjoy?

Thanks for reading and or considering to join!

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1. Two years

2. Played a bit of D2 and D3 before finding POE

3. Really like maps
1. Off and on for quite a while, just recently coming back and checking out the changes!

2. All of the Diablo franchise, love HC mode in any game that offers it.

3. New to the Atlas of Worlds update, but I enjoyed what little there was of the map mechanic in the past.

Looking forward to hearing back!

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