[2.5] Exploding Scorching Ray Inquisitor (or DD CWC SR)

Hi guys,

The main idea of this build is to use Scorching Ray together with Detonate Dead and Cast While Channeling. It's certainly not the best combo (a firestorm can give much better results) but it's sure fun as hell to play and still playable. FRRRRCHHHHHHHH BOOM BOOM

The story so far
So I decided to play Scorching Ray (SR) for this league. The level up was pretty fast and easy. The lack of leech was always a bit of a pain, but when I switched to CI and put a lot of points into regen, with the Inquisitor ascendancy, it allowed me to survive most of the encounters. But still, for some breaches it was really difficult to stay alive. I decided to try to use a bow with +2 fire and Soul Strike, such that I can regen my ES easier but getting the right sockets is very costly... So I bought a low level (but with high ilvl) 6L bow and crafted my +2 fire with an Shrieking essence of rage (cost : 35c in total). Okay, that's cool but still, I want to get 4B,1G and 1R to put SR, CD, EF, FC, RD and Empower... But I only managed to get 4B + 2G. I was a bit disapointed. So I decided to experiment a bit and replace my FC with a Cast While Channeling and put a Detonate Dead. Holy hell, this is fun as hell !
Now I'm experimenting to get the most efficient build I can do. I replace EF with Chance to Ignite and RD with desecrate (not sure yet about this choice, maybe a Desecrate + FC + Spell Echo and self cast it or use a totem would be better). Moreover, I got Ghost Reaver and use Warlord Mark => more regen and allow me to survive much better the breach.

Ascendancy, Passive tree and bandits

The choice goes to Inquisitor certainly, for the free cast speed, elemental damage and regen from Consecrated Ground. I got Sanctify, then Pious Path and finally Instruments of Virtue and Augury of Penitence.

For the passive tree, notice EE and EO for the offense and ZO, CI, GR for the regen. So I got lot of ES, Fire/Elem damage, and regen. Here is my actual tree.

I chosed 3 passives for the bandits.


The main spell is Scorching Ray + Cast While Channeling + Desecrate + Detonate Dead + Chance to Ignite + Inc AOE/Concentrated.

To maximize damage, I use Orb Of Storm + Crit + Curse on Hit + Flammability + Warlord Mark, it's goes perfectly with Elemental Overload and Elemental Equilibrium.

For survivability, CWDT + IC + Frost Wall + Faster Casting/Increase Duration.

In addition I use a Fire Golem, Discipline and Artic Armor.

If you use a Staff, you should use Leap Slam + Faster Attack + Fortify. If you use a bow like me, then Frenzy + Faster Attack to trigger Instruments of Virtue and Lightning Warp + Less Duration for movement.


The only required gear are a 6L +2 fire (or +3 if you can afford it) and a 5L. I would say that the Eye of chayula is mandatory since we dont want to be stuck in a stunning firestorm or things like that.

To do like me, you can buy a 6L bow (or staff) and then use a Shrieking essence of rage to get a +2 (or +3 of you are lucky). Screaming are only 2c at this moment so it just cost 6c.

My current gear are:

Atziri and Uber Lab

Atziri is easy to do but dont forget to switch Ignite for Elemental Focus and use a spell totem to curse with flammability.

The uber lab is on farm too.

For the moment I'm still experimenting but I can do without trouble map up to T15. I'm open to any suggestion to improve the build and I'll upload a video when I'll be at my home with a decent computer.

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So I did the Uber Lab without too much trouble. I revised totally my tree to get more damage from double dip ignite and it goes pretty smooth.

I'll keep you up to date and upload a video soon.
Nice build :) Thanks for the guide.
Interesting idea. Spell totem + desecrate didn't work out well?
I am also trying this concept for a build (thanks for the gameplay vid)! I found initial testing fun with Tabula and dried lake.

I tested with The Scourge and Necromancer then again with Doryani's Catalyst and Elementalist. I had Blasphemy + flammability + Ele weakness.

Necromancer can summon 5 desecrate corpses which only matters against big bosses like curse immune totem boss. Necro gets high level CWDT + Bone Offering for block defense. The Scourge scales beam damage and detonate dead too (and ignite double dip but I assume that is gone next patch).

Elementalist just murders everything but she has no defense. I'm surprised to say I think she is not great at all.

I see Inquisitor has both offense and defense for this build. I had assumed no one uses it except for Inevitable Judgment.

The challenge is staying alive while stationary, not leeching, shooting only 1 way, and also not having to cast other things like a totem, a curse, an ele equilibrium skill, actual desecrate, etc. You also have to get damage from somewhere not on your 6link (where most builds get most of their damage). Spell damage doesn't scale Detonate Dead at all!

I think some leeching is possible on detonate dead with a Doryani's Invitation or Catalyst so that might be much needed. I actually found a fire leech corrupted amulet so maybe that would be cheap to trade for.

I am trying to get gear for a Hidden Potential version since that will scale both skills.

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