2.5 LL 5 curse ES/EV Scorching Ray - One Sweep The Real Cursed King [Clear Everything]

Hello,I am Scrbeam, i'll introduce you my build theory. And till now, it's very powerful and safe enough.
I thought much to make it work better and better. So lastly i want to post it to everyone and help me to make a perfect build.

easily clear all breach monsters
3-link to sweep dried lake at low level
no reflect problem
can do no regen map(use mana flask and just close a cuse-aura, it's fine)
it doesn't hit, so we can use EE perfectly
it doesn't hit, so we could use Elemental Overload mechanism
we should thank OoS

the only con is that monster dies not instantly(doesn't hit, which means doesn't crit), they die from burning fire (slowly)

Build Theory

The core is:
1. Curses
As we use Occultist, we can get something like Enemy can have 1 additional curse from passive skill tree and ascendancy point,
1 from unique ring

if you got a corrupt amulet with +1 curse, then you can have 5 curse with enemies. That's not necessary.Until you're too rich.
We can obtain other 3 additional curses from:
(1) Occultist Ascendancy
(2) Wisdom of the doom
(3) +1 cursed corrupted amulet

So, of a summon, we can reach 5 curses total.

4 Main Curses:

Defence Curses

Enfeeble-Temporal Chains: convert these to Aura and keep safe.(Slow down them, weaken them, so you get less damage)
With some thought, i try to get some evasion from equipment or flasks(even 3000 is much help).
My first is trying to use Grace aura to make more evasion, because the enfeeble reduce enemies accuracy, so promote our evasion will make it work more better and our character will be more safe.

Why, just look at the formula:

How to promote it, we could even use blind to make it more and more powerful.

Offense Curses

Flammability-Vulnerability-(Elemental Weakness): use Orb of storms and CoH to trigger these curse.
Also we Could link it with a Blind gem. So the monster is harmless and we could do huge damage to them.
And our target is ONE SINGLE SWEEP

2. Avoid Being Stunned
a.we could get some point from passive. and get to 70% chance to avoid stunned while casting.(east take)
b.we could get a craft (25 to 35)% chance to Avoid being Stunned from Leo.(I didn't get it now)
c.we could enchant our boots with 50%-80% chance to Avoid being Stunned if you've Killed Recently(didn't have)
d.we could use Essense of Scorn to make our gloves the affix.(did't have)

So we don't need Eye of Chayula Amulet.(Because that's expensive for me at beginning, LOL)
Even i don't have these affix, i feel very well. Because it's a ranger caster build. So it's important but not as important as much.

3. Chaos resistance
Because this build is a Low-life build, and Shavronne's Wrappings cost too much. For a beginner, i can't afford it.
So i change my body armor with a similar es and lightning resistance armour.(I think i could replace it in the future.)
But now, my chaos resistance is capped. And for most map it's works very well.
(Or just close the aura linked with blood magic, it works well too)


no auras



auras and flasks



We keep cheap, so we use

Aha, i get it with 1 socket at first, and i jewels to it, make a 4 sockets, but just with 3 link.
I must tell u. a 3-link Searing Touch even make much damage.
I can facetank Voll in dried lake at level 50+. (One Sweep for almost monster packs only 3-link)
And it take us 12% block, which can work with evasion better.

Gear/roll priority

(1) weapon/staff
The Searing Touch Lathi

(2) the +1 curse ring
Doedre's Damning Paua Ring

(3) stun avoidance ring(Valyrium Moonstone Ring) change it to rare ring later(point 8)

(4) Body Armour
Firs priority:

(don't look at the socket gems, this is my other build)

Or a rare chest:
High es
stun and block recovery(not important)

(5) Helmet
high es and evasion
stun and block recovery

craft avoid stun (25-35%) from leo

(6) Glove
high es and evasion
avoid stun
stun/block recovery

(7) Boots
movement speed (30%)
high es and evasion
stun/block recovery

(8) A rare Ring
fire damage/elemental damage
pure es
cast speed
craft 5-20% inc energy shield from Elreon Master(lv7 Require)

(9) Amulet

Rare choice:
%spell damage
fire damage
pure es
cast speed

Eye of Chayula/(upgrade version is good, and u doesn't need avoid stun affix anymore!!!!)

(10) Flask
+3000 Evasion/100% increased evasion
Basalt flask
Silver flask
Quicksilver flask
etc. as u love

(11) jewel:
burning damage
fire damage
global damage
cast speed
cast speed while holding a staff
inc energy shield
resist if u not capped

Current Gear

Gem setup

Weapon Link(6l)
Scorching Ray - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Faster Casting - Rapid Decay Support - Empower(lv3 at least, or you could use Increase Burning Damage Support)

Body Armour(6l)
Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit Support - Flammability - Vulnerability - Elemental Weakness - Blind Support(or ICC or Increase Area of Effect Support,or just Lightning Golem(can curse enemy too), as what u like)

4L gem links ( for Helmet, Boots, Gloves, your choice)

Blasphemy - Temporal Chains - Enfeeble - Enlighten
Blood Magic Support - Discipline - Clarity, Arctic Armour
Movement Skills:
a)Lighitnig Wrap - Faster Casting - Rapid Decay Support - Lightning Golem
b)Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Lightning Golem
I use first one and the choice b) is more suitable, because fortify gives us 20% damage reduction, sounds too good to try.

Another good point:
If u has too good items, u could replace discipline with Grace, which give u more evasion, and another different defense mechanism.(I think it has good effect)
Maybe u could wear Skyforth and make a change(More mana reservation) to add Grace[just add in the body armour]
(Another way, you could try Alpha's Howl Sinner Tricorne, if give u 8% reduced mana reservation, and give much evasion)
A good Helmet for curse, Heretic's Veil, thank for this. It takes a free blasphemy, and u could try 3 curses run on the helmet.(Just Temporal Chains + Enfeeble + Vulnerability + Enlighten), then u have one more slots for another aura. (That's Great, not test just think, sorry for my poverty)




Occultist[best choice for scorching ray], can get high es, kill to regen es, and ES Recharge is not interrupted by damage when started recharge (very important for surviving)

First 2 ascendancy for es/survive
Wicked Ward - Vile Bastion
Last 2 ascendancy for damage(10 more)/additional curse
Profane Bloom - Malediction


Use Scorching ray when you get it.
Link Order Elemental Focus + Fast Casting + Controlled Destruction + (Rapid Decay) + (Empower)
when have enough links

Use Orb of storms + CoH + Flammability as fast as u can.

Link blasphemy + temporal chains + (Enfeeble if you get the node)

Then Arctic Armour. U can get some mana reserved node first. Then regret them.


Lightning Warp into the pack, and sweep around . (If the pack seems hard one-sweep, then drop a orb of storms)
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up add some new tips
add gear priority
add gem steup and bandits
will add video later
Sounds alright, but really please prioritize vids over everything else :)

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