WIP 2.5 Inquisitor Wander CoC | Come help :)

Hi, first this is in no way a build guide, I am trying to put together a build for an inquisitor CoC wander. As I am fairly new to creating my own builds and even more to CoC, I am looking for advices from more experienced players.

The idea:

So my plan is to go with an Inquisitor for a Wander (KB or Barrage) CoC build with elementals skills, I feel it's important to say it as I've seen most CoC builds use physical spells.

The tree:


180%~ life at 121 points, with 6 jewels sockets so should be something around 220% life
Picked up accrobatics because I have no idea how to build defenses for a templar, I guess the easiest way would be to go CI but not being assassin will already ask alot from gear for crit/acc so I don't want CI for budget reasons.
I don't feel like using mana for auras will give much damage, HoT and HoI, so maybe mana could be use for something like MoM? Or go with a blasphemy warlords for the leech but at the same time it's kind of an off-screen build so I'm not sure about that.
Tree can easily be shifted for less damage and more life, but I am playing SC this league.


Simply tried to scale spell/elemental damage along with crit and power charges. Not being assassin I know I need a lot of crit from tree/gear, I just don't know how good spell crit on the tree is because it is not helping with the barrage crit chance.

CoC Gems

I think Barrage > KB for this but again I could be wrong. Using 1 volley fire.
CoC Setup: Barrage, Cast on crit, GMP, Arc, Artic Breath, Power Charge on Crit

I am really not sure about spells, I didn't test enough yet.
I want PCoC because else single target will suffer too much if I rely on something like Assasin's mark for the charges.

Rest of the gems are not really worth mentionning, the CoC setup is my biggest concern.


I would use a Voll's protector for the PCOC and free the link for a 3rd spell.
Maligaro's for gloves and Starkonja's for the helm for the crit, rest would be rare to make up for resists.
I'm really open to ideas here, so many uniques to use.


Probably 1 Life, Quicksilver, Atziri's, Vinktar's and a last one.
Vinktar's and Atziri for the leech with VP for the reflect.

I think I've talked about everything I had in mind for this build and I will now do a TL;DR summing my main concerns and where I need help.
I want this build to be able to map, not really concerned about bosses like atziri/shaper, I'll see that later.
Sorry if it's a bit messy, tried to talk about everything so I can get as much help as I can, I am playing this build in Breach so I will test all this as I go.



Optimizations on tree?
How good/bad are spell crit nodes on tree ?
What CoC gem setup to use with barrage ?
If I don't go CI, how to build defenses as life based ?
Good uniques to use?
VP with Vinktar/Atziri vs reflect rares?
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Hey, I used your idea to make my own build(shadow), kinetic blast coc with physical spells, and I reach 34k tooltip dps on bladefall and 20k dps on glacial cascade.
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