Sons of the Vaal Recruiting new members for BSC /// Discord


Guild Name: Sons of the Vaal
Guild Tag: Sons
Current Number of members: 43/50
Current Number of guild stash tabs: 7
Guild Profile:

Hey we're a bunch of friends looking for new members for Legacy league. We Primarily focus on mapping parties, master sharing, and helping each other with/doing endgame level content. We also enjoy crafting and can help if you have any questions or want to get into it yourself. We generally only play in SC temp leagues and long races, but we occasionally dabble in other leagues.

We also have our own discord server that we use which is available for all members of our guild.

-be 18+
-be fluent in English
-be experienced in the game(A few map-level characters in standard, etc.)
-be on North America Servers
-be friendly and have a good sense of humor

If you're interested in joining or have any questions, either pm me or leave a comment in this thread.
IGN: TheBoyWhoCriedWorth

Hope we can get to know you and have some fun playing together!

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Just started playing in BSC but im attempting to get a character leveled within a few more days (Can mostly play on weekends due to AIT keeping me busy). If you all are still takubg members im interested in a group to chat with and play with. Just shoot me a PM if you are still taking members. My schedule only allows me on during the evening so I cant check in game often.

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