Base Movement Speed in Units per Second


Found nothing via search, so perhaps someone can enlighten me =)

With the base movement speed (so no modifiers at all), how many units per second would a character travel without behind hindered by obstacles?

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Can't remember if there was any official info on that, but the average run speed of an exile fresh off the boat was last clocked at 38 units per second by the Athletic Association of Wraeclast (AAW). Dunno how accurate do you need it but that shouldn't be far off the mark.
Wish the armchair developers would go back to developing armchairs.

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Thanks for the answer, that helps a lot!
I try to calculate the maximum mana cost per second when while using cyclone on its minimum whirl range of 10 units.

An official answer still would be nice (Maaaaaaaaaaaaark!), but at least now I can go on with my math already.

Thanks again ^^

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