We've been keeping a little secret tucked away in our guild stash and we're now ready to reveal it. In Content Update 2.4.2 we're going to introduce improvements to how some master missions work. Among other things, these improvements should eliminate a lot of backtracking!


  • The longest of the Elreon missions is now shorter, with fewer waves of enemies.


  • Vorici will Smoke Mine to his target when his mission is complete.
  • Vorici no longer gives you a mission to kill the target without killing any of the guards.
  • On missions from Vorici where you have to avoid killing some enemies, the enemies will have significantly more life, have life regeneration, and are less likely to be attacked by minions.
  • On missions from Vorici where you must keep the target on low life, the target will have more life.
  • Removed the automatic Ethereal Knives variation of Vorici guards.


  • If there is a Den of monsters, Tora will Blink Arrow to the Den when anyone approaches the entrance, even if the mission has not been started.
  • In Tora missions where there is no den of monsters, Tora will Blink Arrow to the last target monster killed when the mission has been completed.


  • For missions variations that do NOT complete at Catarina's location, she will teleport via Convocation to the location of the last monster killed or consumed when the mission is completed.
  • All of Catarina's monsters that are killed or consumed as part of the mission objective now grant experience and drop items.
  • Undead on Catarina missions now move faster. Some Catarina missions with exploding minions no longer require as many exploding undead to be slain.


  • When you die in a Zana mission you respawn at her map device.

  • For Vorici, Catarina, and Tora, if you complete a daily mission where they teleport, the return portal to your hideout will move to them after you have received your reward.

Master Levelling in 2.5.0:

  • In addition, we're investigating making non-Zana masters easier to level up to level 8 in December's 2.5.0 update (alongside the new league).
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You expect me to act as something I'm not? I picked this name for a reason.
Neat. PLEASE tell me that this will also include the hideout decorations that were accidentally leaked a while back.
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About damn time
Any plans on raising leo rep gain?

Preferrably the rep gained for doing PVP rather than the daily, but both is fine too.
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Great addition guys!
Stealth Chaika on the front page!
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