[2.4] Occultist CI Ice-Shot Curser - LVL 100 HC Essence


Hey guys, this is my build guide for my Ice Shot Curser i leveled to 100 in the Hardcore Essence League.

The idea of this build is to be unkillable by simply having insane amounts of energyshield combined with fast and high ES recharge rate provided by the Occultists Ascendancy Class & the Soul Strike Quiver.

I managed to hit slightly above 20.000 ES, which results in above 7.000 ES per second recharge, therefore making u able to facetank basically anything in the game, as long as your recharge started recently.

I usually run a 3 or 4 curses, depending on who i play with. I always run discipline and tripple purities.



+ Extremely high ES
+ Very adaptable to lots of builds
+ Literally unkillable
+ Can do Ice or Fire Elemental Equilibrium
+ Ice-Shot insta curse/ee/slow everything


- Not the cheapest of builds
- Cannot run more than 4 auras

How to play this build

The actual playstyle of this build is rather simple.
You use Ice Shot to apply curses and add an additional form of slow to monsters. Use Flame Dash, Blink Arrow and your Quicksilver Flask to move around quickly.

Always adapt to whoever you are playing with !!

You can change your curses and either use Elemental Equilibrium with or without Avatar of Fire or if its not beneficial to your party, just spend the additional points into more %ES nodes.


With a six link Quill Rain you are already able to tri curse without having to rely on any +1 curse items thanks to our Ascendancy.

Use the Witchfire Brew Unique flask if you want to run a 4th curse or u only have a 5 link Quill Rain.

Another way to get additional curses is the corruption on gloves, granting you either Vulnerability or Elemental Weakness.


Witch - Occultist


Ascendancy Points: Malediction, Profane Bloom & Wicked Ward are Must-Haves.
If u play with a build that does Chaosdamage pick up Void Beacon, if not take two small %ES nodes, preferably the one after Wicked Ward.

Bandits: Just kill them all


Gloves: doesn't matter
Boots: Any defensive enchant or extra movementspeed
Helm: Temporal Chains effect with lvl 4 enlighten - Aura reservation for discipline or any purity if u have a lvl 2 enlighten


We pick up every possible %ES nodes in the tree, we pick up Resolute Technique so our Ice Shot never misses, and we also pick up every curse nodes available to us. We also pick up Conduit to share Endurance Charges with Enduring Cry and Frenzy Charges with Frenzy.

Elemental Equilibrium and Avatar of Fire is directly connected in the pathing on the skill tree, therefore making it super easy to quickly swap to the optimal setup depending on who you are playing with.


I only use Energy from Within jewels :')



Quill Rain has highest attack speed of any weapon in the game, making u super quick with cursing anything and having an almost instant Blink Arrow.

A staple in this build, making the regen occur much faster, definetely a must-have item for this build! Insane synergy with the Occultist Ascendancy.

Rare Helm with either manareserve enchant or curse effectivness enchanted.
Focus on high ES and resists/int.

Instead of spending a lot on a six link, u can spend more on better ES rolls and get a five link for ur aura setup!

Rare gloves - a nice source for dexterity!

Rare boots - focus on high movementspeed and es!
Get a defensive enchant or the one that grants additional movementspeed.

Either +1 Curse Amulet if u want more than 3 curses or one with high intelligence & ES. I use rare amulets!

Use Valyrium for stun immunity and a rare ring with high es. The rare ring is a good source for dex/strength/int depending on what you are missing!

With the introduction of Crystal Belts you have no other choice than to use one. Try to get one with some flask rolls, as flasks are so valuable for every CI build!



Use your Quill Rain for your curse links because it is way easier to recolour it than a Vaal Regalia!

Links: Ice Shot - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Curse on Hit - Curse 1 - Curse 2 - Curse 3

I recommend to always use Temporal Chains and Enfeeble and to adjust ur 3rd and possible 4th and 5th curse to whomever you are playing with at the moment.

CWDT Setup

CWDT - Immortal Call

You can add whatever else you want in there, i choose to add Arctic Breath + GMP for some additional slows.

Mobility Setup

Flame Dash and Blink arrow. If you can spare some links you can add faster attacks or faster casting to the respective gem.

Aura Setup

Discipline - Purity of Fire - Purity of Ice - Purity of Lightning - Enlighten

Vaal Gems

Vaal Haste - Vaal Discipline - Increased Duration - Faster Casting

Use Faster Casting to keep mobile, sounds kinda pointless but feels so much better!


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this was a realy nice support to lvl with in maps :) so tanky

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