[2.4] The Scourge - Dual Wield CI CoE Viper Strike Nec

So I've been working on this build for a bit now and finally have it into mid-tier maps. I'm pretty happy with how its turned out and the nice interactions between The Scourge and CoE damage scaling. I'll post some videos and screenshots of defenses/dps when I get off work(few hours from now). I need to change the jewelry and use the ES stun ring as well as replace rainbowstrides with some better boots. Sitting at about 5.6k es, ~3k armor (22% phys reduction with chaos golem on stats page), and 45k dps on viper strike with all modifiers/flasks rolling.

Currently looking for ways to increase damage or other interactions I might've missed or maybe better links and such. Goal of the build was to make an attack build that also used the wolf summons from the claws. Only other scourge builds I saw used them as basic "stat sticks" for spells or dom blow characters which I thought didn't take full advantage of the claw's uniqueness. I also decided to go CI because meme. (actually I tried hybrid and life based but the points/hp pool for investment wasn't there).

Looking for feedback/suggestions. Thanks :)

Normal: Alira or kill all
Cruel: Kraityn/Oak/Kill all
Merci: Kill all

Chest: Viper Strike - Multistrike - Melee Splash - Melee Phys - Melee Phys on Full Life - Added Chaos/Faster Attacks/Inc Aoe/Rapid Decay
Claws - Melee Splash - Minion Damage - Minion Speed
Auras: Discipline - Wrath - Hatred
Other Combos:
Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify + (Optional) Power Charge on Crit
CWDT - Descecrate - Flesh/Spirit Offering - Curse (I use warlords for extra leech)

Current Gear

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Sha-bump, still looking for feedback.
you missed the synergy of wolves and growing agony jewel:P
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