[2.4] Starforge Lacerator [10k+ HP, 100k Lacerate.][RT][Slayer]

Hello Path of Exile comunity, i hope you are all having a great day and i appriciate you checking out this guide. First i want to give a little information about this build so that you can see if it fits your playstyle.

This is a Life leech based lacerate build that utilized the with this build you can look at doing prettymuch everything you desire. I have personaly done everything in the game (including uber Atziri) however i failed at shaper, this might however be because i have little experience with a melee builds playstyle.

This build is extremely quick at clearing and because of it's pure physical damage allows you to get massive leech numbers and remaing invulnurable until the leech ends.

If you are looking for a build that can:
Do uber lab runs.
Atziri & Uber Atziri.
T16 maps.
(Posibly Shaper)
Look no further, this is the build for you.

Let's dive straight into how you can setup this character.

It might be abit expensive to min-max this character however you do my no mean need the gear that i have. I just pushed this character to the limit more or less and invested a fair bit in it.

Lets take a look at the gear, and choices to why exactly these items.
These four items are the only required items to make this build function. Starforge's interaction with lacerate gives it increased AoE and because we have pure physical damage we use a Voidheart to stack massive poison and bleeds. Essence worm will allow us to run an aura without reserving any life. The Kaom's Heart could be replaced with a lightning coil, Good rare or Daresso's Defiance.

Rest of my gear is based of capping resistances aswel as a slight focus on life and armour.

The passive tree. (level 90) (I won't post lower level trees, as im asuming you know how to level) Go for damage nodes first until you have a Voidheart.

Here are some images i took while being in my uber lab run.



If you happen to have any questions, do not hessitate to ask me!
Best regards; Kaoms_Heart.

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where are your armor and resis come from?
nice build! i think i will do something quite similar :D haven't played a blood magic build since Domination so that would be fun :D but why go blood magic at all? mana cost shouldn't be too much, yea? then you can keep your other ring slot free for a steel or something.

going to start building this weekend; hopefully I am as successful as you! not a ton of chaos damage invested though.. maybe switching out a belly for the new Cherubim might be a good idea? The leech would be awesome plus the life is not bad.
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