[2.4] Cospri's up to 10 projectiles Deadass


I'd like to share my build I myself am enjoying a lot.

It has been built around this unique:


Build aims to get as many projectiles as possible for clearing. I've choosen Deadeye ascendancy for this purpose as it grants +1 projectile. Next 4 projectiles are from Greater multiple projectiles gem. Next 2 are from 2 snakepits. And possible two more can be done by using Dying sun flask.

It means: 1+4+2+2 (+1 basic)= 10 projectiles total.

As a spells I choosed to use Arctic breath due to its ability to shotgun, nice damage, far shot and chill and Ice spear, because it is fast, far reaching spell.

For bosses I swap gems for Cold penetration (I use this gem also for indoor close-size room maps for fast clearing speed).

My gear:

Helm: Rat's nest - attack speed, extra crit chance, just nice. Enchant could be better though
Gloves: Horror essenced gloves with +3 extra crit chance - this is where we link our main attack
Rings - Snakepit x2 for cold damage, cold rest, extra projectile
Boots - source of as many resistances as possible and also extra strength is very nice
Amulet - as we dont have much res from gear and our damage is high anyway, we use resistance amulet
Belt - STR+Life+res
Armor - Kaom's heart for 500 hp
Offhand - doryanni's catalyst - huge dmg boost, leech, absolutely bis.
When gearing aim to get some nice resistances, intelligence, strength stats and life on your gear.
Jewels: I use one dex>int jewel in between scion duelist area and the rest are +max hp and resistances that I need to cap. I also use intuitive leap in shadow area to reach nullification all the HP nodes, power, frenzy charge.

The brightest of you noticed I don't use Dying sun. It is because I could not afford it and dont have atlas open for trying shaper.

Main attack: Lacerate - multistrike - faster attacks - increased crit chance IN Gloves
Auras: Arctic armour for extra protection + herald of ice + frostbite+ blastphemy
Use Ice golem.
Movement skill: Whirling blades
Use decoy totem (I myself will swap it for blood rage) if you want.
For offhand use Frost bomb + iAoE + Increased duration

Skill tree:

I choosed ascendant over inquisitor due to extra projectile and additional crit chance from Assassin - which makes me Deadass and badass.

Pros and cons
+ super fast clearing
+ can do all map mods except ele reflect
+ high survivability (arctic armor + huge life pool + 46% chance to dodge) + whirling blades
+ no need of 6L armor
+ boss killing is fast and smooth

- gear dependent
- optimal gear can be expensive
- some map mods are annoying but doable
- need jewels with resistances if gear cannot cap it

Enjoy and in case of any questions do not hesitate to ask me
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