[2.4] LL Ephemeral Edge EK 210K dps without charges(guardians and atziri)

Hello, i love to share my EK build :D

Is this build for you?
If you want to have some fun and do some end game contents with EK and OK price(not that cheap), then yes! this build is for you.

If you don't like maintaining charges and want to have nice dps, then yes! this build is for you(if you found a way to generate power charges without having problems, then that way is better).

If you don't like facetanking and want to challenge bosses with your skills(aka mathil style), then yes, this build is for you.(that way is more fun at least for me. even if i fail and my skill isn't good) However, if you're rich and can have worth 5~10ex(or more) weapon and shield, so you can destroy everything, then no, this build isn't for you.

T14 Maze double boss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8idmZ2KTpA&feature=youtu.be
T15 Colosseum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rli9_NbkuAg&feature=youtu.be
T16 Corrupted Maze of the Minotaur(2 deaths): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V1IqLzGRb8&feature=youtu.be


It was my first atziri(normal) attempt ever(i haven't ever tried her before i've only seen a few of videos) Even though i had no experience of her, it was quite easier than i thought(deathless and she was much easier than T15 bosses) and i'm so happy about that :D I'm pretty sure any experienced players can do uber atziri(it's just a guess don't waste your currency!!)

Uber lab: Uber lab is easy if you're good at dodging traps, but i don't think i will be able to take a video of uber lab because my computer and internet aren't that good especially when i turn on video capture program..(i dc alot)

Tips about maps

Tips about mods
Hexproof: Turn off your Warlord's Mark and swap your Added Fire Damage gem to Life Leech
Elemental Reflect: Hatred -> Haste Added Fire -> Life Leech
Blood Magic: Never run blood magic maps as ES based character or you will regret it and lose some exp just like me..

You can run 'Hexproof' 'No mana regen' ' % Less mana regen speed' maps, but you can't run 'Hexproof' with 'No mana regen' or '% Less mana regen speed' maps.

Tips about monsters
This flask is really good against reflect mobs; whenever you see rare monsters, don't hesitate to use the flask(rare monsters may have reflect)

Requirments are fairly cheap except for Sharv's
Can do end-game contents
Fun to play
Fast clear speed
Can be played without Sharv's by going CI

Not a meta build, so you might feel kinda week compare to them
Hard to generate power charges
If you're going CI, your dps will be much lower(about half) than LL version
You have to build around the 'Sword' to make your build effective
Not beginner friendly(i really don't recommend using this build for beginners, this build is for casual players who have already been playing PoE for like... 3~6 months?)
Single target isn't that good compare to the other popular skills(single target is pretty nice, but... if you compare the damage to other popular spells, it isn't that nice)


Jewels: Cheap Spell, Physical, Projectile damage and cast speed jewels
You'll have to have at least 111 STR and 111 DEX total

My gear is fairly cheap(it is a chest which is very expensive)

Current Gear

ES: 8,520 DPS: 261K with Atziri's Promise

dps http://imgur.com/a/vA6YB
defense http://imgur.com/a/g2R5b

Passive Skill Tree
(i'm currently not using this one because there is no way to generate power charges for me, my current build is in my profile)

No Power charge version with 1 more jewel socket:

No Power charge version:

Bandit: Passive/Passive/Power Charge(if you can generate power charges)

You can also change your bandit choices by your tastes(such as 16% phy dmg and 5% cast speed); feel free to choose!

I didn't spend my passive skill points to power charges because i can't generate power charges.. and current dps is about 210k with 8.5k ES(257k with atziri's promise).

EK - Spell Echo - Inc. Crit Chance - Inc. Crit Multi - Pierce - Added Fire Damage
Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Cast When Damage Taken - Vaal Discipline
Faster Attacks - Fortify - Whirling Blades
Blasphemy - Warlord's Mark
Blood Magic - Enlighten - Herald of Ash - Discipline
Ice Golem - Minion Life
Vaal Grace/Vaal Haste(if there are gem slots remaining)

I'm pretty new to spells and energy shield based chars(i used to be a reaver and lacerater), so any feedback and helpful infos are very welcome.

I'm finding a way to generate power charges without Skyforth and it may be Doedre's + Assassin's Mark with curse on hit and Erani*******BV <-- this guy suggested using Death's Hand and the result was awesome! I will find a way to use Death's Hand as well!]

Is CI possible for this build?
Yes, ofc. However, you'll lose about 30~70K dps by doing that, but you can gain more defensive bonuses from going CI instead of going Low-Life.(i personally don't recommend CI)

How does this build work?
As you can see Ephemeral Edge's 50% increased energy shield and global crit chance, you don't have to spend your passive points to energy shield nodes, but you can pick up some damage nodes instead. I suggest you using an ES shield which has crit chance and spell damage, but you really don't have to if you want to be more defensive with cheap shields.

What gear should i look for?
The more ES you have from your gear, the better.
Weapon: Ephemeral Edge with high roll(they're all like 1 alch ~ 1 chaos)
Chest: Shavronne's Wrappings
Shield: Spell Damage, Spell Crit and at least +200 ES
Helmet: The Vertex or high ES with res

Leveling guide(coming soon)

I'm trying to get culling strike on Ephemeral Edge, but don't waste your currency to this cheap weapon. I'm doing it because i want it.

Blade Vortex
I don't know why... but lvl 18 Blade Vortex has about 53K dps with 5L and better results then EK.. but we'll see.

Cheap gear capability
i had some tests by using some 'cheap' gears. Yes, with Vertex and no spell damage shield.(mine is 10c worth and the only expensive gear except for sharv's is my 1ex worth helmet) i had like 100~130k dps and... have tested up to 12 tiers without having problems(i didn't do above 13 tiers because i was kinda lazy.. sorry about that) In this case, i highly recommend you using 'Brinerot Whalers' unique boots.

Why, and what's Ephemeral Edge?
Well, first, you can use some cool sword skins to Ephemeral Edge; and the last, i like using things that many people don't use :D
Ephemeral Edge is a sword that gives you 40~50% increased maximum energy shield and 50% global crit chance. It is like having 200~250 ES shield with 50% crit chance for spells. This is why this weapon is, and can't be expensive. To use this weapon properly, you'll have to have some knowledges of this game(and this is why this is not beginner friendly, but casual players friendly). With a cheap weapon and well-optimised build, this weapon will shine with cheap price.

Why don't you use DPS flasks or something like that?
Coz i always forget to use flasks lel

Why don't you generate power charges?
Because i really don't feel i have to in current situation.. I have no problem with that Also, in boss fight, you will really be hard to sustain and maintain power charges with Assassin's Mark..

Witch version passive skill tree(coming soon)
I think Witch version is better since you don't have to generate power charges with Assassin's Mark and Skyforth, so yeah, Witch version can have more dps with survivavility, but the problem will be Whirling Blades' speed(which feels already slow even with TRI)(coming soon)

Scion version passive skill tree(coming soon)

This build takes an advantage of Ephemeral Edge's 50% increased maximum energy shield and 200 es spell shield with cheap price(50% increased maximum energy shield from ephemeral edge is like having 200~250 es). So, if you have over 350ES spell energy shield and an ex ~ 3 ex worth weapon, this build won't work and that way is much better; but, for its price, this build will give you so much. Not only that, this weapon will become 1 alch ~ 3 ex worth weapon depends on your tree.

Mana reservation
To use both Herald of Ash and Discipline, you'll have to have 16% reduced mana reservation from your tree, level 20 blood magic and level 2 enlighten

Don't level Clarity too much unless your mana can handle it(clarity level depends on your mana pool). The reason i am using Clarity is because it enables you to run hexproof maps without having problems; without Clairty, you'll sometimes have a problem to regenerate your mana even when you turn off Warlord's Mark.

Required ES and DPS to do end-game contents
ES: At least 8K energy shield
DPS: At least 130K DPS

Exalted worth dagger DPS and ES comparison
I actually have tested this before. An essence crafted dagger(maybe it had like 17% cast speed 72% Spell Damage and 142% inc. crit chance) Yes, with the shield currently i have, DPS was much higher than having Ephemeral Edge. However, my ES also went down to 7.3k(ish), so i had to pick up more ES nodes or use Energy From Within jewel which requires more curreny to put into. I managed to get 8K ES, but DPS was just about 7K higher. With 450ES shield which has no spell damage mods, DPS was about 5K higher. Yes, DPS was higher, but only '5~7k' higher; I'm not sure if i want to get such small amount of DPS with 3~6ex worth weapon and 20c~1ex worth shield(i'd rather use brinerot whalers which increases 10K dps in current setup).

The Shaper(failed)
My DPS wasn't enough to protect Zana(i failed and died 6 times at second phase) :C. Maybe i should bring Taste of Hate and Vaal Lightning Trap to protect her next time. Sorry and for now, i would say that this isn't Shaper viable :c(the reason i used the word 'for now' is because i actually think i can beat him the next time we fight if i have enough experience of him)

Now, it's time to get level 8 Vorici :3
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