2.4. WildStriker Elementalist-Tank (75% block)

Hi all!

First of all some facts/ statements.
1.) WildStrike was buffed 2 times in a row with the last patches (nice)
2.) a melee_tank_witch that deals a lot of damage? (how can this be?)
=> yes, it is real!
3.) if you would choose an ascendancy-class that fits perfectly with
WildStrike => the Elementalist should be your choice.

So - let's do this!

The skilltree_path should go asap to the good notes from the templar,
marauder, and duelist; but not missing the good stuff meanwhile.
And even some ranger_notes will be taken.
But making your patch all the way to the ranger doesnt mean that
a lot of points are wastet.

My skill tree so far (Level 91):
And here is my curent gear:

1.) really good sustain (a lot of midigation) => reduced reflect, armour, block etc etc.
2.) decent amount of HP (I am Level 91 [5,185]. Skilling more life with the next Levels).
3.) heavy overcapped with resistances! Can run 'ele_weakness' AND 'ele-equilibrium' maps!
4.) more than decent damage
5.) your golems are really tough

1.) really not the best clearspeed. => that's why vaal cyclone is in use
2.) damage over time is an issue...
3.) spell damage could hurt you
4.) vulnerable to chaos-damage

1) I am using 2 legacy items to reach 75% block. But this should not destroy tis
build reaching less block with common items.
2) a 6L Daressos is (in my opinion) the best choice.

Deal with the bandits:
=> have a guess!
a) Life b) phys. c) endu._charge (or maybe maybe skillpoint).

Shaper viable????????
Will will see!
I have a lot of Chars working on them all. So let's se....

coming soon on high Level maps

My InGameName: the_real_Oak
Last bumped on Oct 9, 2016, 12:27:47 PM

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