[2.4] THE FREEZERATOR. Dual Cospri's Malice Crit Assassin Lacerate. Frostbolt/Arctic Breath/Vortex

WOW very nice. Thank you !

That gives the ice effect ?
It kind of looks like Ice Crash from a 2-Hander.


Yup that was it, looks freaking great now. Thanks again !
Hi, how do u get so much attack speed? My lacerate is only at 4.46 per attacks.
This guide was written back in 2.4. Cospri's had a cool down adjustment. See post #1

Maybe that is what you are seeing.

Mines at 5.41.
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Would this be tweakable to make it 3.0 viable?
Would this be tweakable to make it 3.0 viable?
I don't fear for the clear speed of this build in 3.0, but the huge nerf on ES and vaal pact/ghost reaver combo makes me fear for the survival-ability of this build.

Most likely we will need to transfer to balanced HP/ES build with more defensive mechanics without ES leech.

I would highlight the fact that we don't know all the new aspects of the expansion. I will play this build after the nerf too, because it is too fun to abandon it:)
Alright Guys I need your help! :)

I have started to think about how to revive this build.

SO far this is the 3.0 beta passive tree I have created:

Passive tree lvl 89

For items I have the following in my mind:
Atziri's step for easy hp,evasion,spell dodge and movement speed.
I have a 6l kintsugi unique chest
tri-resist evasion, hp helm
Maligaro gloves or hp/resist rare gloves

Snakepit with any other ring/amulet which helps to fill the stat gaps.

Witchfire Brew unique flask also sounds promising for extra utility.

Please help me with Your suggestion.
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Hello There.. Can This awesome build play in 3.0 ?
could you provide a pastebin link for Path of build?
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